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  • Do MORE of what brings EASE

    How this for irony — the #1 reason we start businesses is to find FREEDOM. Freedom from the 9-5, freedom from a cubicle, freedom from soul-sucking-meaningless-work for THE MAN {*insert fist shaking here*}. Freedom to work from a lounge chair on the beach {or your backyard or in your jammies in your bed, whateves works […]

  • Why Business BFFs Can Be The KEY to Unlocking Your Success

    If you’ve been participating in my Fired Up & Focused Challenge or maybe listened to a recent interview about creating a life and business you adore, you know I’m passionate about the power of Business BFFs. What is a Business BFF? A Business BFF is an accountability partner, a mastermind buddy, a fellow entrepreneur who […]

  • Why You Should Create A LIFE… Not Just a Living!

    Imagine having a business that allowed you to create a life, not just a living, doing what you love and loving what you do. Imagine how amazing it would be to have a business completely designed around YOU, your zone of genius and your definition of success. Imagine how incredible it would feel if your […]

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