Imagine you’re online searching for a yoga in your town. You fire up the Google and click one of the first websites to show up in the search results.

And you freeze.

There’s a button to sign up for their newsletter. Information on their new client special. A link to their upcoming retreats. Excerpts from the most recent blogs. 12 pages on the navigation bar taking you to info about classes, privates, testimonials, blog, etc etc.

Let’s face it — it’s an overwhelming hot mess.

There’s too much going on and you don’t know what the next step is. So instead of clicking every button and searching… you hit the back button and click the next link on your search results list.

There goes another potential client.

Sadly, when your website isn’t created to be user friendly for your clients + community… it works AGAINST your business goals.

The truth is… pretty does NOT equal profitable. 

While there are thousands of gorgeous web designs and custom designers, very very few of those designs are actually created with user experience in mind.

Experience is EVERYTHING. And it can make or break the decision for someone to decide to take the next step and learn how to work with you.

The user experience is made up of many different components {branding, typography, graphic design, copywriting, information architecture, and technical design} that ideally work seamlessly together, guiding your website visitor to take the specific action you want them to take.

So do you know what action you want visitors to take?

Sales? Requests for consults? Join your list? Not sure?

Having a clear strategic focus for the #1 action you want people to take is the cornerstone of creating a profitable user experience.

1 Page. 1 Goal.

There’s a saying “The confused mind always says NO”… and it’s totally true for websites. This simple strategy I’m about to share {1 Page. 1 Goal} ensures that your website is 100% focused on providing the leadership your visitors need to take ACTION.

So let’s take a peek at your website.

When someone lands on your homepage, what is the #1 action you want them to take?

For most of us, our #1 intention for almost every single page on our website is {or should be} to GROW OUR COMMUNITY. Why? Because research shows that the majority of visitors are NOT going to buy a thing from you the first time they land on your website.

That’s right… generally about 98% of all the traffic you’re sending to your website are NOT ready to buy. They are, however, interested in learning more about you and what you have to offer.

The problem is that if you don’t have a clear focused way to capture their information and keep in touch with them, those 98% of peeps are never to be seen again. Essentially making you work even harder to build your biz.

No bueno. Not a fan of working harder when there’s a smarter option!

So what to do? Start focusing on building your community via an email list.

Your email list is one of the most important assets in your business. Why?

  • Because studies show that it can take as many as 21 interactions between you and your potential client before they make a decision to work with you. That means having the ability to send them periodic emails helps you build those relationships over time.
  • It’s CHEAP! Advertising can get expensive. Email is one of the least expensive tools out there for you to grow and nurture a community.
  • It’s full of warm, qualified potential clients. This is HUGE. If someone has joined your email list, they are essentially raising their hand and saying “Yo! I like what you’re up to! Let me know what’s going on in your biz so I can decide if I want to hire you!”. This is not spamming people who’ve never heard of you… it’s communicating with peeps who’ve asked for you to keep in touch!


If the #1 goal for the core pages of your website {Home, About, Blog} is to grow your community {via your email list}:

  1. Is there an email sign-up form on each page?
  2. Is it easy to find {as in… not hidden in the very bottom of the page}?
  3. Is there a compelling reason to signup for your email list {do you have an Irresistible Free Offer?}?

As you go through each of the pages on your website, ask yourself “What is the #1 Goal for This Page? Is there 1 Call to Action?”.


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