If you are reading this article, you are likely deeply sincere about transforming the lives of others. You are a Yoga Teacher, a Healer, a Coach, an Artist.

And here is a truth my friends…

If you truly want to create a big impact in the world and thrive doing this (not just survive), then you absolutely must recognize that you are also… an entrepreneur.

For heart-centered change-makers of the world it can be an incredible barrier to cross over. There is so much “stuff” that comes up with the “E” word (Entrepreneur – eeekkk!). Other scary words come to mind immediately after this word is echoed.

Words like, marketing & selling! And then after those words come to mind, we make all sorts of scary meaning about those words. Such as:

  • inauthentic
  • insincere
  • fake
  • phony
  • not good enough to actually charge for this
  • no one will listen
  • it’s already been done
  • feels weird
  • feels forced
  • feels like it’s not me

Oh sweet feeling types – I Feel you. I do. And I also deeply want you to thrive. So we are going to move beyond our feelings in this article and get to the truth of where your power and ability to truly serve lies. Ready? Of course you are.

Below are 3 Mindset Shifts that will have you powerfully stepping into leadership with what you do in the world:

1. Re-frame your identity to one that makes you feel powerful

Re-framing is changing the meaning of an experience by putting another frame around it. For me, I really resonate with the word leadership.

It feels real to me and powerful. So when I step into my role as an entrepreneur, I frame it as a leader. Like Racheal has brilliantly framed herself as the Yogipreneur, I frame myself as a Yogi Leader.

For me a leader is someone who give permission for people to speak their truth. It is someone who empowers others to find their brightest light and to own their desires w/o shaming them. A leader is courageous and kind.

Question: How can you re-frame your identity so that you can powerfully step into leadership with what you do? Are you a Yogipreneur, a Yogi Leader, a Warrior for Waking Up, a Advocate for Health (all of it, even financial health)?

2. Create a movement – not a business

Leadership & Entrepreneurship is about a mindset shift of operating from our values and from what we stand for. It’s about inspiring, encouraging, and lifting others up.

When we do anything (including getting our message, services, and products out in the world) from a stance of what we believe in and what we are a stand for – it feels worthy. It feels real. It feels powerful. It’s that simple.

Create a movement that inspires people to take a stand with you by joining your tribe, your mission, your purpose.

The world is hungry for better health, more healing, and hope. You can either sit back and watch others be a part of this change or you can rise up to your sweet, sweet beauty and be a part of it.

Successful, heart-centered entrepreneurship is not about marketing or selling better or more, it’s about inspiring others and revealing an answer to their questions.

Question: Discovering your Values – who are you in your life, right now? What do you stand up for? What brought you to the mat? What brought you to teach? What were some of the most memorable teaching, coaching, healing, or creating moments you have? If there was one gift you could offer the world, what would it be? and why?

3. It is not spiritual or inauthentic to earn money from your services?

You have probably heard this before, though it is worthy of saying it again…and again.

Money is simply energy.

Therefore, Money is what you believe it to be. If you think money is evil – then so it will be. If you think it’s bad to receive money for helping others heal – then so it will be. If you think money is complicated – well then, so it will be.

If you think it is not spiritual or inauthentic to earn money from your services, then you will come across that way. You will prove yourself right to keep that very belief intact. In fact, the word belief means “to hold dear.”

Therefore, we will do what it takes to hold our beliefs intact because we hold them dear. They are precious to us – even if they’re not serving us.

To step into leadership and own it, you will need to get out of your own way with regards to limiting beliefs – this is a powerful practice, no doubt. So practice, my dear.

Practice your worth and saying it out loud, often. Get in front of a mirror and say your rate for your 1:1 yoga class, or coaching package, or healing session. If you can’t say it with confidence to yourself, you certainly won’t come across with confidence when saying to others.

The Dalai Lama once said:

“With the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

Remember this next time you feel shame for believing in your worth.

Question: What do you charge for your services? Does that question scare you? Good. This is the perfect tribe (safe and supportive) to begin practicing saying it out loud and proud.

Share with us below to inspire and to create conversation to grow.

amberAmber Campion is an award winning Leadership Coach, Yoga Teacher (with over a decade of experience), and an inspirational writer. She works with Yoga
Teachers & other conscious change makers to live powerfully in their life and business, so they can create a bigger impact with the work they do in the world. Through her esteemed coaching programs, trainings, and retreats she has guided hundreds of people to live, love, and *give* bigger than they ever thought possible.

She is the creator of Dynamic Release Method™ and the transformational 200 hour Women’s Evolutionary Leadership Yoga Teacher Training.

Amber teaches and leads trainings & retreats worldwide in Yoga, Leadership, & Personal/Professional Development.






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