ypwebsiteinblog.jpgThe numero uno mistake I see most entrepreneurs make on their website?

Focusing on design first.

When most peeps are creating a new business website, the first thing they rush into is selecting or creating a design {or theme for WordPress users}. They spend weeks – months even – looking through hundreds of options. They make lists of their favorite websites to emulate. They might even throw a few thousand dollars at a designer for a custom design.

And while your design is uber-importante {and let’s face it – the design-y stuff is such a fun way to spend a few hours}… there are several things you should be thinking about before you commit to colors, logos, and layouts for your website.

TRUTHBOMB:: Your website isn’t about you. It’s about your peeps. {click to tweet!}

Here’s the scoop – while your website is technically all about you and your business… it’s really about helping the people you want to serve. It’s about building up your KLT {Know, Like, & Trust} Factor so they feel comfortable before committing to working with you. It’s about showcasing your expertise through amazing content so they can “Try You On” before taking the next step.

When you create your website with your dream clients in mind, you almost instantly begin to attract those perfect-for-you clients into your business.

So grab a pen + paper or open up a fresh Google doc to answer these questions::

Who are you serving? 

Who is your dream client? Getting crystal clear about who you really want to work with not only makes marketing a million times easier… it also helps those people know that they are in the right place!

This isn’t just about demographics {busy professional women aged 30-34 with 2 kids under the age of 5}. You want to think about what problem they are trying to solve or what they ultimately desire through working with you.

Here’s a few examples that may resonate {and yes… these are all dramatically different ideal yoga clients!} ::

  • Uber-busy corporate executives and professionals who are looking for new ways to stay on the leading edge of performance in all areas of their life.
  • New moms who are exhausted, overwhelmed, and in desperate need of extreme self care so they can continue to take care of others.
  • Women who are experiencing pain or fatigue that western medicine just can’t explain… and they are looking for a gentler approach to healing their bodies.

It may seem like getting this specific is gonna turn OFF lots of peeps {if you’re talking directly to the first group of uber-busy corporate execs, you WON’T attract new mamas} – I’ve seen that simply keeping this person in mind while creating any marketing materials lets them know that they are in the right place and you are the right teacher for them!

What do you want them to feel?

Yup . What do you want your ideal clients to FEEL when they are on your website?

Everything that you’re including on your website – from the design to photography to color scheme to content to fonts – instantly evokes a feeling in the viewer. Is it the one you intended?

Having a core desired feeling for your website will help you make mindful decisions for each element of your website::

Want your site to feel high-end + luxurious?


You’ll likely want to keep things uber-modern, monochromatic, with high-impact images and powerful {yet minimal} copy.

That’s exactly what we did for my friend Lauren Fritsch’s site, The Magnetism Factor. This site is oozing high-end. Lots of white space. Powerful copy. Gorgeous image of her in a designer Herve Leger dress {I totally had no idea who that designer was until this BUT her clients get it}.

A high-end and luxurious site that matches your high-end service will attract high-end clients.

But what if you’re wanting to feel approachable, modern, and nurturing? 

nurturervasiteThat was the goal for NurtureRVA.org – a non-profit run by my own prenatal yoga teacher Leslie Lytle!

When she approached me about the strategy + design for this site, we knew that we wanted this site to feel a very specific way. AND that we wanted to make birth education and resource accessible for a more modern woman.

Anything too soft or flowery would scream “hippy earth mama’s only!”.

So we brought together a modern bright color palate, gorgeous images (some stock photos + some from local photographers) to reach our core desired feelings of approachable, modern, and nurturing.

What if your ideal clients are dealing is major life challenges {like chronic sadness, pain, or fatigue} and you want your site to feel light + hopeful?


I love how my client Aline Verheyen accomplished this the site she created through my Techy Training to Attract Your Tribe program.

She instantly acknowledges her ideal clients in her tagline {Holistic lifestyle strategies for chronic sadness, pain, and fatigue} but lightens the mood to bring hope with her whimsical photo + uplifting copywriting.

Who doesn’t wanna work with a Naturopath Extraordinaire!

Knowing your core desired feeling for your overall website + brand will ensure that everything works TOGETHER cohesively!

What is your site {and your business} ultimately about?

You have less than 1/20th of a second to get a visitor to engage with your site. That’s a BLINK!

If you want visitors to stick around to learn more about your work… you’ve gotta get to the heart of what you do.

This isn’t the time for clever or cutesy language they don’t understand… or creative artsy videos. This is time for LASER FOCUSED CLARITY.

Get clear — then put it right on your home page::

A straight to the point sound bite — especially one focused on your #1 promise or mission — will instantly connect with your ideal clients.

What do you want them to do?

Consider this:: even if you have a big shiny BUY NOW button on your website, less than 1% of visitors will buy on the first visit.

So let’s say you’re seeing about 1,000 visitors a month to your site… only 10 will buy your thing. {And if your only thing is a $50 private session with you… then you made a whopping $500 for the month. But that’s a conversation for Conscious Business Design}.

The big question now is what do you do with the other 990 people who didn’t buy your thing? Hope that they come back? Hope they bookmark your site?

Think about how YOU interact with websites on a regular basis. How many new sites do you stumble upon every day? How many to you actually return to? What are the chances that you’ll ever become a customer of those sites?

Slim to none.

Most marketing research suggests that it can take over 21 exposures to a business before someone is ready to whip out their Visa. 


So how do you accomplish touching someone 21 times – especially if you know they won’t remember to come back to you?

You ask them join your community + stay connected via your email list.

As you map out your website strategy, make sure you’re asking them to stay connected with you! Imagine how much faster your business will grow if up to 30 – 50% of the people who discovered you online actually stayed in touch?

Ah-maz-ing. {Check out this FREE series on Email Marketing for Enlightened Entrepreneurs}

What do they need to know first?

Remember the movie “You Got Mail” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? Back in the days when we were so excited to get email from complete strangers?

Those days are OVER.

Even though email is the best way to keep in touch with potential perfect-for-you clients, it’s also a much bigger commitment for them to give up their email. So you’ve gotta prove that it’s WORTH IT to stay connected.

They want to know that you are for real {photos of you and a great about page}.

They want to know that you can help them {great content showcasing your expertise via your blog or freebie}.

They want to know that OTHER PEOPLE have given you the stamp of approval {testimonials galore}.

You’ve gotta let them know WiiFM {What’s In It For ME!}.

Simply stepping into your ideal client’s shoes and looking at your website through THEIR eyes will help you figure out if you’re letting them know they are in the right place and you are the right teacher for them.

We’ll be diving deeper into this in the upcoming Your Sweet Site workshop – register here!



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