I’ve been looking at a lot of websites recently and something keeps popping up… so many websites that are meant to be helping grow a business are actually PREVENTING the business from growing.

What’s the barrier?

On the page where you list your programs, services, and offerings — there is NO EASY NEXT STEP to becoming a client.

Over and over again, I see the list of services or programs. Usually that’s it. Sometimes there’s a line saying, “Contact us for more information”. Other times there are cute little phrases like Hit Me Up For Deets!  but you’re left trying to figure out the next step is and poking around to find an email address.

If that is what your website looks like – here’s the thing: PEOPLE WILL NOT HUNT YOU DOWN. And if you’re asking them to take 2,3, or 5 steps to learn more about how to work with you, chances are most people just aren’t taking those steps.

Think of your website like a Starbucks drive through window {because I know I’m not the only one with the coffee addiction}.

When you go to a drive through there are usually bright yellow lanes with an arrow showing you where to order your food.

Then there is a big box that says order here, and next to that a VERY large sign, maybe even two giving you a list of specialty coffees, delicious scones, seasonal specials… and their prices.

Next you pay BEFORE they hand you that delicious latte.

You get your yummy beverage + treat… and the business gets you to buy from them. EASY.

Have you ever NOT known where to go when ordering in a drive through?

What if that drive through had no speaker box to order from?

What if the sign with food items had no prices?

What if you couldn’t really figure out what your options were because they were so darn vague?

I could go on with examples but I think you get my point. I know if I went to a drive though with no clear way of ordering or a sign with no prices and such, I would leave. I would NOT spend time guessing what I was supposed to do to order some food. I would go somewhere else where it was easier to get what I wanted!

Now back to your website.

How easy is it for visitors to work with you? 

Is it easy to sign up for your email list and learn more about you and your business?

How many steps do they have to take to get what they want {this also applies to getting your Irresistible Free Offer – the content you’re offering for them to sign up for your email list}?

Here’s what to do to make it RIDICULOUSLY EASY for people to work with you::

1. Allow them to purchase directly from the site. Most of us have a package, a program, a workshop that really could be just a PayPal button away from someone participating.

2. If you are accepting applications – don’t make them print off a PDF, fill it out, and fax it in. Too many steps {and who has a fax machine these days?}! Check out WuFoo.com – they make easy and beautiful forms that you can embed right on your site! You can even integrate payment options if they need to include a deposit.

3. Is the first step to working with you a free session or phone call? Check out a program like Satori App that allows people to book their session directly in your calendar, then follows up with the confirmations + any prep materials you need.

If you haven’t done all of the above items already, create a plan right now to incorporate these changes.

And once you have these done you can even take it a step further and ask a friend {preferably one that hasn’t been to your site and isn’t super familiar with your business} to take a look and see if they can easily learn how to work with you through your website!

You’re officially on your way to growing your biz and signing up more awesome clients. Woohoo!

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