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Secrets to Pretty + Profitable Websites

websiteblogseries.jpgYou’re a solo-entrepreneur.

Every penny you spend on marketing your business needs to be well spent.

You’ve gotta make sure that each investment actually has a return. And by that — I mean happily paying clients.

And let’s just call a spade a spade — most of use are bootstrapping our business into existence.

We don’t have a big budget to spend on advertising.

Most of us don’t have an inheritance funding our dreams.

And personally – my hubby just left nearly 10 years as a 7th grade English teacher to work with me… The Yogipreneur is a business that supports our family!

And even if you’ve been in business for years, you’re likely very careful about the money you spend on marketing your business.

That’s why marketing your business ONLINE sounds so appealing. It’s way more affordable than expensive magazine ads, tv or radio commercials, or sending out actual mail.

Why Successful Yogipreneurs Build Their Online Presence

It doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga studio/wellness center owner, solo-teacher/coach, or any other helping + healing professional…

If you wanna get noticed… you need an online presence.

Think about it – here’s what a pretty + profitable website can do for your business…

:: Wake up to payment notifications in your inbox {actually living the ultimate entrepreneurial dream of being able to make money while you sleep}!

:: Discover that people you don’t know are actually finding you and following you online {’cause while it’s sweet that your mama follows your business and leaves encouraging comments… you need actual potential paying clients}!

:: Know that even when you aren’t working on your business, your website is doing the heavy-lifting FOR YOU by building your community and attracting perfect-for-you clients 24/7/365.

I was hearing from so many healing + helping entrepreneurs that they knew they should have a website, but they weren’t sure that they could actually understand and learn the technology themselves. They weren’t sure if they should hire a designer {and spend thousands of dollars} or DIY {and risk not looking PRO}. They wanted to make sure they had a real strategy before diving into creating a website.

The Yogipreneur has you covered! You can start building your online presence + your biz with an pretty + profitable right away {for FREE} with this series of articles I wrote to help you create, update, and manage your website.

Get Started Building Your Pretty + Profitable Site::


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