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Design a Profitable + Sustainable Yoga Biz {Without Burining Out Or Selling Out}

There’s A New Movement In The Yogiverse…

YogaBizResourceFrom coast to coast… around the globe… in itty-bitty towns and thriving metropolises.

Yogis are breaking free from the status quo to create their OWN rules to build a successful + sustainable yoga business.

In this new paradigm…

:: Yogis aren’t waiting for studios to hire more teachers or offer a salary with benefits {because they know that most independent yoga studios and gyms run on lean profit margins dependent on part-time independent contractor teachers}.

:: They aren’t schlepping across town multiple times a day because the only way to make a living is to teach 15+ group classes a week {because when they look at the time traveling + time prepping + time actually teaching those classes… they realize the numbers just don’t add up}.

:: These yogis aren’t frustrated that more and more yoga teachers are graduating teacher training, creating more demand for yoga teaching gigs {in above yoga studios + gyms} because they know that there are way more opportunities to teach yoga when instead of fighting over the same students… you position yourself as a leader and bring yoga to more people!

And here’s the thing… this isn’t exclusive to the yoga world.

The OLD PARADIGM of find a teaching gig, clock in + pick up a paycheck is long gone.

The world has changed… dramatically. And we are moving into a new economy where everyone needs to think like entrepreneurs.

RachealCookHeadshotI’m Racheal Cook, and after mentoring hundreds of yogi-hearted entrepreneurs since launching The Yogipreneur in 2008, there’s one thing I know for sure… 

There is a HUGE knowledge gap for the average yogi coming out of a yoga teacher training…

…and understanding this crucial missing piece could be the difference between only pursuing teaching yoga as a expensive hobby and taking the leap into a creating a profitable and, more importantly, sustainable yoga business.

The truth is – the OLD yoga business model is broken.

Too many yoga teachers are burning out, trying to squeeze more and more group classes into their week while sacrificing their evenings, weekends, and often their own yoga practice. It’s not sustainable {and often just not profitable} to create a livable income just on teaching group classes alone.

And all the branding and marketing in the world won’t work if the model is broken!

Despite being a $10+ BILLION industry…


50% of Yoga Teachers Earn Less Than $31,000


Only 25% of Yoga Teachers Break $46,000


Just 10% of Yoga Teachers Earn More Than $63,000

The Yogipreneur is here to help you beat the odds to design a profitable & sustainable yoga business!

Are You Ready to Go From Yogi to Yogipreneur?

Passionate Yogi

A new yoga teacher who is just finding her voice, mastering the art of teaching, and starting her yoga career {often part-time}.

Professional Yogi

A more experienced yoga teacher who has made the leap into generating 100% her income from teaching yoga.


A yoga teacher who is ready to leverage her experience into a sustainable business with multiple streams of income.

After serving thousands of yoga business owners since 2008, I know that making the transition from Yogi to Yogipreneur requires you to do 1 thing… to THINK + ACT DIFFERENT from the vast majority of yoga teachers.

The path from Yogi to Yogipreneur isn’t for everyone. In fact, only 22% of yoga teachers turn their passion into a full-time career… and only a small portion of full-time yoga teachers have created not just a profitable but sustainable business.

Understanding these differences is what I write + teach about here at

It’s why hundreds of Yogipreneur alumni now earn more {often in the top 5% of yoga teacher incomes} while working less.

Get fired up! In my corner of the internets, you’ll learn everything from how to create your own opportunities, to embracing mindful marketing, to innovative business models beyond the studio.


Get Started On Your Journey From Yogi to Yogipreneur::

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Ready to go From Yogi to Yogipreneur?

Each week, I share lessons about enlightened entrepreneurship, mindful marketing, and following the road less traveled — Designed to help you create more ease and less stress in your business.

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