Design A Business and Life You Love

Secrets to Business and Lifestyle Design for Yogi-Hearted Entrepeneurs


There’s a lot of talk in the entrepreneurial world about building a business you love…

But too often, I see amazing, passionate entrepreneurs sacrificing their health, their family, and every waking moment striving to find success.

And while you do have to learn how to hustle with heart to create a successful business… it’s even more essential to ensure that this business you love loves you back.

I know you love what you do. You love helping others. You love being of service.

But…Are you finding things haven’t turned out the way you planned {or at least not the way you expected}?

:: Maybe you’re not getting enough clients… or just aren’t getting the RIGHT clients {as in your dream perfect-for-you clients who you absolutely ADORE working with}…

:: Maybe you’re having a hard time making ends meet, figuring out how to consistently generate the income you desire, because you haven’t quite figured the business and marketing stuff…

:: Maybe you’re struggling to find time for yourself or your family {and yep – the irony is not lost on you that even though you preach the importance of yoga or self-care or a healthy lifestyle, you really struggle to make that your reality}.

This is what happens when your business doesn’t love you back.

The Honest Truth::


As much as you love what you do… as much as you put your heart and your soul and your passion into serving others and helping your community…

 If your business doesn’t love you back, you won’t be in business very long.

A business that loves you back takes care of you.

It’s profitable enough to provide you and your family the lifestyle you desire… with EASE.


A business that loves you back is sustainable.

You have the freedom and flexibility to step away from your business without stressing that the moment you step away, all income streams turn off. A sustainable business allows you to fully leverage your time so you can stop trading dollars for hours.


A business that loves you back is insanely fun.

Not to say it doesn’t take work {because it does!} but there is a big difference between work that feels like play because it’s 100% aligned with your divine gifts and strengths and work that feels like WERK. We’re talking about consciously designing a business that allows you to have the right support and systems in place so that you can spend more of your time sharing what you really love! If you’ve ever felt like you had to chose between one-size-fits-all, inauthentic marketing tactics or avoiding marketing all together (and holding your business back from really making a difference)… You don’t have to sell your soul to create a successful business. You can DO YOU. Your Business. Your Way. True to yourself and your vision. In integrity with your values, desires, and lifestyle.


Design A Business You Love {With A Lifestyle to Match}

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