Why is it that some people announce their latest program or service — and it sells out in overnight — and others struggle just to get clients in the door?

This is a question that comes up ALL. THE. TIME.

It is so frustrating when you feel like you’re doing so much to get your message out into the world — only to feel like no one is listening.


And even worse — no moolah coming in the door. And you begin to question EVERYTHING about your biz {and wonder if the J.O.B. is a better bet}.

Before you throw in the towel, here are some things to ask yourself::

 1. Is your community expanding?

Which translates into if your biz isn’t growing, it’s shrinking.

Remember – when you stop showing up consistently for your community, you run the risk of losing them. Marketing isn’t something that you do once! If you want to consistently be growing your community {and consistently growing your business}, you’ve gotta make marketing a CONSISTENT PRACTICE.

It’s like everything else in life!

Consider your yoga practice::

If you really want the benefits of yoga, you can’t just jump on your mat every once in awhile. If yoga is how you’re managing your stress or anxiety {or whatever yoga helps you with}, you’ve gotta make it a part of your daily lifestyle to really see the powerful effects.

If you wait until your anxiety is through the roof and you aren’t sleeping at night… just one yoga practice isn’t gonna change much in your life.

If you’re treating community building and marketing like something you ONLY do when absolutely necessary… you’re not going to see the same effects you would if you made it part of your weekly business practice.

{Not sure where you should be spending your time in your biz? Check out The Fired Up & Focused Challenge!}

As legendary business consultant Peter Drucker always said…

“What gets measured gets managed”.

Look – it’s REALLY hard to figure out what is and isn’t working in any area of your business if you don’t have some way to track the impact of your efforts.

The goal here isn’t so spend every day obsessing over every single stat but to see trends in your business so you can understand what is and isn’t working, then make better decisions about what marketing strategies you should focus on!

Community building metrics you should ask about each month::

  • How many people are checking you out each month {traffic to your site}?

  • How many new visitors are turning into subscribers {email opt-in conversion}?
  • How many people are joining your email list {all new email subscribers each month}?


What do I know from looking at these stats? My community is steadily growing! My community building strategies are working!

And since I also can dig deeper into my analytics – I can see that this is a direct result of my most recent blog tour.

Now – keep in mind that the blog tour is a pretty intense burst of marketing! It’s not possible to do something of this scope every single month… So, many months, I’ll see half or a third of the results.

Open up your email marketing service and check this stat right now – is it trending up? Down? Kinda flat?

There is no magic number for how big your community should be — or by what % it should be growing — you want these numbers to be trending UP!

If they aren’t – it’s time to implement a more consistent community building strategy.

If they’re flat – you may wanna add a burst of marketing activities!

2. Are you welcoming people when they join you?

There is a cycle people go through when they join your community. They find you when they MOST NEED YOU and are actively looking for what you have to offer.

The first weeks and months are the ones where you have their attention and interest.

In fact – some research by the “Social Media Scientist” Dan Zarella shares that the best time to actively engage with new community members is the first 10-14 days.

After that, they transition into a passive mode — which is exactly as it sounds. Once they make this transition, they aren’t as engaged {we’ll talk about this next}.

What does your welcoming process look like?

Is there a special initiation into the community — something that shows them who you are and what you’re about — or are they just lumped in with everyone else?

At a MINIMUM – make sure you have some sort of welcome email {auto-responder} letting them know what they should expect by being part of your community and inviting them to take an action step {read this blog post, join your facebook page, whatever is the next step!}.

3. Are you nurturing your community?

The truth is — lots of people join your community because they want to get to know you. And building relationships takes TIME!

If the only time people hear from you, they are hearing a “pitch” about your programs, you aren’t investing in building a relationship with your community.

Check back on the past 2 months of communications —

  • How often are you connecting with your community?
  • How generous have you been with your expertise and knowledge?
  • How much is more focused on selling?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but–

4. Have you burned out your community?

This is one of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs don’t see results in their biz — they’ve simply maxed out their community.

At this point, many entrepreneurs start to go into freak out mode. They start to question their business — Do I need a new niche? Do I need different branding? Should I create a new program? — essentially getting in their own way.

What they really need is to get more eyeballs on their biz!

Think of your business like farming — your job is to plant and nurture the seeds {your community}. Some will sprout and become clients. Some won’t.

The farmer doesn’t try to force the seeds that didn’t sprout — he gets ready to plant more seeds the following spring.

You’ve got to do the same thing. Plant more seeds. REGULARLY.

What could that look like for you?

  • Expand your NETWORK. Just because you’re a solo-preneur doesn’t mean you have to go it alone! Set an intention to connect with like minded entrepreneurs. Support other people. Make a point to build and nurture relationships — they take TIME!

  • Get in front of OTHER communities. If you need to grow your community, take your message into the world. Write guest posts. Get interviewed. Get some publicity. ** It helps if you’ve established relationships with others {above} — that leads into more opportunities to share your message **

  • Rinse and repeat. This isn’t one and done. Business is about relationships — if you aren’t regularly expanding your own reach, meeting new people, and putting yourself out there, you won’t see results. Make this a part of your weekly checklist!

If you’re doubting that what you’ve been trying in your biz is right for you, let me know what’s going on in the comments below. I’m here for you!

Love + Gratitude,


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