If you’ve been struggling to get your business to really work FOR YOU — a sustainable business that allows you to not only do the work you LOVE with clients you ADORE, but also live an amazing LIFESTYLE — you can probably blame your BUT.

It’s the little word that stands between YOU and your DREAM business + life… as in::

I know I should stop trading dollars for hours BUT I don’t know how to create a program or product!

I know I need to consistently create content for my community BUT I just don’t have the time!

I know I should invest in support or coaching or training to grow my biz BUT I don’t know if I can justify that yet!

I know I should focus on my “ideal clients” BUT I’m afraid if I say no to people, I’m saying no to profits!

I have ideas for programs and products BUT I don’t know how to attract the people that need them {and get them to sign up!}!

Everybody has a ‘BUT’.

And the difference between thriving and barely surviving in your business is knowing what your BUT is and working to make it smaller.

The truth is — your BUT is usually monkey mind trying keep you safe. Monkey mind hates risk and change… and is always grasping for an excuse to not move forward in your life or business {even if it’s not in your best interest}. Monkey mind would rather know exactly what to expect and will do everything it can to keep you inside that comfort zone.

Even if you know what you need to do to move forward in your business + life, monkey mind will grab that BUT and make it HUGE.

When we believe our BUTs, we freeze up and find ourselves not taking control or taking the action that would allow us to live our highest vision for ourselves. We are meant for great things – and when we let our BUTs dictate the way we show up in the world, we’re actually depriving the world of our special something.

So how do we move forward? Let’s look at a specific example:

I know I need an assistant to grow my biz BUT I don’t know if I can justify that right now!

Ask Your BUT – Is This True?

Yes, I don’t know if I can justify hiring an assistant.

Why Is This True?

It sounds like it’s gonna be expensive and I don’t have a lot of extra income right now to hire someone. Plus I’d have to spend time figuring out all they’d need to do and I’d have to train them. So I’d be spending more money and it would take more time for me just to get them set up… and how am I gonna make up for that lost time and added expense? Besides I can do all this stuff on my own, I have been, so why should I hire somebody? I just don’t think I have the time or money to get an assistant. 

What Does It Look Like If This is True?

I. Am. EXHAUSTED. I’m wearing all the hats in my business and not doing any of them as well as I could be. I feel like I’m dropping the ball because it’s hard to keep up with everything. The minute my business starts to do well, I get swamped with all these little details that keep me from actually doing the work that I love. So my business stays small and grows really slowly so that I can do it all by myself. All my time is spent working IN the day to day of my business and I never seem to have the time to work ON those big projects that I know would help me grow, serve more people, and make the income I really want.   

What Would It Look Like If This Was NOT True?

I could relax! I’d be able to spend more of my time doing the work that I love – which means I’d help more people and make more money. I’d finally have the time to create that program I’ve been thinking about… and I can stop trading dollars for hours because I’d be able to serve more people in less time. I’d really be able to upgrade the customer experience because someone is helping manage my calendar, sending invoices, and returning emails – so I’d be able to really spend my time adding those personal touches that make my clients feel adored. My business would really start to take off and I’d actually be excited about it because I’d have the support to handle it without getting overwhelmed.

So… Is This REALLY True?

No! I can see now that spending a little time and money up front to invest in my business will give the support that I need to finally grow and have the business + life I want.

If It’s NOT True, How Do I Move Forward?

I need to decide what tasks I want to get off my plate and write a job description. I’ll figure out how many hours I think I need support and what the going rate is. I’ll ask for recommendations or search on HireMyMom.com. I’ll think about how this role could grow with my business and look for the perfect assistant to fill it.

This process is almost like having a business coach in your back pocket – you can pull it out each time to you find yourself playing small and not owning up to your fullest potential.

Are you ready to kiss your BUT goodbye? Take your biggest excuse that’s been holding you back and go through this process — I’d love to hear your insights in the comments below!

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