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Smart Email Marketing for Yogipreneurs

Email Marketing for Yogipreneurs Blog.jpgSocial media is the hot new thing.

But did you know a link sent to your email list will be opened 20x more than if you just post it on social media?

Or if you wanna sell out your workshops, your retreats, or your trainings – a thriving email list is your best strategy?

Or that when you actually look at valuing your business {like, if you were wanting to sell your biz or get financing}, one of the leading metrics is how big your email list is?

Smart entrepreneurs LOVE email.

And they build a mindful marketing strategy around it to ensure that people in their community stay in the loop + work with them again and again.


Why Smart Yogipreneurs Keep in Touch with EMAIL!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga studio/wellness center owner, solo-teacher/coach, or any other helping + healing professional…

You have to stay in touch with your community.

Sending snail-mail {ya’ know, the kind with STAMPS} gets super expensive…

Not everyone is on {or active} on social media {and these days Facebook and Twitter are changing the rules every minute}…

But EVERYONE has an email address.

And EVERYONE reads their email. Daily.

And when you weigh all the options of keeping in touch with your community — email is the fastest, cheapest, most EFFECTIVE method available.

The best part? You can start building your following + your biz with an email list right away {for FREE} with this series of articles I wrote to walk you through building a thriving community!

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We Need You To Lead Us!

There's ONE difference between thriving heart-centered businesses that consistently bring in revenue month after month and struggling entrepreneurs who barely eek out a living. Community. Community. Is. EVERYTHING. I have yet to meet a heart-centered entrepreneur...

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How to Effortlessly Ask for Email Sign-ups

If you’re a yoga teacher looking to build a following (and your business), the best way to get more email sign-ups is simple: ASK. Actually, there’s a little more to it than that. You have to ASK A LOT. But you don’t want to seem annoying. Or needy. And your students...

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Writing Non-Sucky Email Newsletters

There is a secret war taking place. The war for attention in your email inbox. Now, more than ever, we are bombarded by information. And the majority of it turns out to be junk that doesn’t add any value to our lives, solve any of our problems, or make us feel better...

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