Engaging with your community online can be a beautiful and inspiring way to share your yoga or wellness business, reaching international audiences…something we never could have so easily done before the online social era of marketing.

While social media and online marketing are both still in their infancy when compared to traditional advertising of the 20th century, it is fast becoming the primary way to connect and develop a rapport with new people around the world.

And still today, the terms “Marketing”, along with “Sales”, are often dirty words that no one really wants to talk about, especially in the yoga industry, an industry that is often thought of as based in seva, selfless service.

At the same time, it is an industry that must increase its visibility and help people understand all that this important practice can offer.

As a yoga teacher’s mentor Francesca Cervero says:

“Introducing more people to the deeply healing benefits of yoga has the power to completely transform our world and the best way to get more people practicing (mindful, therapeutic) yoga is to raise the bar of professionalism for yoga teachers.”

Her hope is that yoga teaching can be a career path that is respected and allows for sustainable income.

So how do you connect with your online tribe to “sell” yourself or your business without sounding egotistical or sleazy, neither of which embrace the nature of yoga and who you are?

Before you jump into the online world, here are the first five steps to create an authentic marketing plan for your yoga or wellness business:

1. Authenticity

This needs to be at the core of any online/social marketing plan. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, studio or in the wellness industry (or, really, any industry for that matter), being authentic is key.

The first step in authentic marketing is to find your voice.

2. Do the work

In order to truly market your offerings and be seen as an authority in your industry, you must fully understand and implement the work into your daily life.

You must be immersed into what you’re living, teaching and offering others.

You must have your own stories to tell. If you don’t actively do the work, your marketing efforts may feel superficial and will not reach as many people or will not reach the people with whom you so want to connect.

3. Give freely

As a yoga teacher, you have a message and a positive one at that.

Share your encouraging words across different online channels. Take the most inspirational pieces of your blogs and share them in tweets, Facebook messages and on Pinterest or Instagram posts.

Don’t hold back or be afraid of speaking up on controversial topics. This is how people will get to know who you are and that you stand up for what you believe in.

4. Teach

On and off the mat, help others understand the foundations of yoga…that one’s sense of self must come from within and that being fully present in our daily lives helps us understand that we are already beautiful enlightened beings with so much to offer one another.

Give tools to help them better understand who they are and their importance in the world.

Remind them of how we are each on the path, that we are all interconnected and that we must join together in order to create a more peaceful, lovingkind world.

5. Connect

Discuss topics that are most important to you and ask your fans and followers questions, requesting their feedback and guidance. Unlike marketing of the past, 21st century marketing on social channels is not a one way street.

Using social media for your yoga business is a way to reach out to so many people, near and far; to learn from them, to engage with them and to develop supportive and meaningful relationships.

One final note:

Not to diminish its importance, I’d say not to worry so much about SEO… instead, focus on who you are and what you have to offer, allowing your social channels to grow organically from your genuine spirit (which in turn should help with your SEO).

You will gain followers and fans because of your credibility, your knowledge and the consistent support and engagement you provide through your authentic online strategy.

chrissy_gruninger1_1024Chrissy Gruninger is the founder of Sanguine Collective, author of 8 inspirational books, social media strategist for eco and wellness companies and creator of the Inherent Harmony mentoring program. She loves her 400 square foot jungle home in Costa Rica, the sunshine and the rain and passionately believes that through intentional actions we create more happiness, health and harmony in the world.  Her goal: to empower others to thrive in an imperfect world. Get her free ebook to find more ease in the every day here!




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