emaillistpart2.jpgIf you’re a yoga teacher looking to build a following (and your business), the best way to get more email sign-ups is simple:


Actually, there’s a little more to it than that. You have to ASK A LOT.

But you don’t want to seem annoying. Or needy.

And your students don’t want another boring newsletter or monthly sales pitch (more on that in the 3rd part of this series, Writing Non-Sucky Email Newsletters).

So today, we’re gonna dive into how to ask, with love and kindness, your students to join your email list.

As we discussed in Why Emails are the BEST way to grow your community! – you must have a sign-up form on your website!

{And yes, even solo-teachers need their own website. If you are planning to grow a business around teaching (especially if you’re at multiple locations, offer privates + workshops + retreats + trainings), then your website serves as your resume, your events calendar, your business card, and your communications hub for your students! Lucky you – I’ve got an amazing resource for your site here!}

So where on your website does your email sign-up form go?

On the top of your sidebar.

No exceptions!

When it comes to ease of use, if people can’t instantly find your email sign-up, they aren’t going to go hunting for it. This is one of the easiest places for your email sign-up form to live – it’s easy to find and most people expect to find it there.

But there are some other secret sweet spots for your email sign-up form to reside – some which often get completely overlooked!

Secret sweet spot #1 – your about page

Seems weird, right? People are going to check out your bio and see if your photo looks friendly, not expecting to see an email sign-up form.

But here’s the scoop — your about page is one of the most viewed pages on your website.

Don’t believe me? Check out your Google Analytics and you’ll probably notice that most people land on your website, and one of the next things they do is go to see what you’re all ABOUT.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity! They have just read your bio where you shared not just your credentials but also why you fell in love with yoga, and if they read to the bottom of the page it’s the perfect time to say “Thanks for checking me out! Let’s stay in touch. Enter your email below and get inspiration and updates!”.

Secret sweet spot #2 – your social media profile

Facebook is another amazing tool to get new readers to your email list. Of all social media available to entrepreneurs, Facebook is one of the most optimized for business use.

Why? Because your Facebook Business Page now has features that essentially allow you to create a branded website INSIDE of Facebook.

So where to include an email sign-up form? You can create what is called a custom app inside your Facebook page. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and share what you can do for them (as opposed to being thrown right into the conversation on the wall). It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and offer them access to more amazing information and update from you.

Secret sweet spot #3 – New student intake forms

We all have to sign off those liability waivers before we participate in class, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching at a studio, at the park, or in someone’s living room — if you’re a professional yoga teacher {or any other healing + helping entrepreneur}, your students are signing a liability waiver.

Are you also having new students complete new student intake forms?

This is different from a waiver. This is an opportunity to really understand WHY your student is coming to you, what concerns and problems they may be facing, their physical and medical history (as it applies to their practice), their preferences, and something that many miss out on, their goals for their practice (or health + wellness).

When you can use these new student intake forms as a relationship building tool, then students are much more comfortable giving you more access to them — because after completing the new student intake form, they can sign-up for email newsletters that specifically address the type of concerns they’ve included in their intake form!

Simply include a line for email in the contact information (at the beginning of new student form) as well as another line for email at the very bottom that says something simple such as Do you want weekly inspiration and encouragement, as well as special updates from me? Write your Email Address here. 

Secret Sweet Spot #4 – Give it all away! Free Gifts for Emails

This strategy is something you’ll see on almost every website you see — enter your email for a free report! Get a free video, enter your email! You’ll even see this on my website. And there is a reason – it works.

Once you gain a reputation of offering great information, people will happily enter their name and email to get access to a workshop, a podcast, a downloadable MP3 audio recording, a teleseminar, a webinar, or a e-book.

These don’t have to be like a professionally recorded DVD — honestly, people who are loving what you do would love to have a MP3 of a class you taught to use for their home practice!

Literally just grab your iPod or iPhone, get a microphone, and record a class you’re teaching {I love the super easy to use SoundCloud app}. Then make it available to your community — in exchange for their email.

Secret Sweet Spot #5 – Face to Face

Go to the stationary store.

Buy a pretty little notebook.

Get a nice pen.

Now take it to every class you teach, workshop you facilitate, and even wherever you are a student as well. Pass that baby around!

Let your students know that you love sending out updates, information, and training exclusively for your students. Tell them if they will get insider information to special offers or workshops that only your email list knows about. And let them make the decision to sign up for all the goodies.

If your teaching location is ok with it, leave the notebook open on the front desk when people are signing in to class! Pass it around at the end of class. Get in the habit of casually mentioning it. And especially if you have something exciting coming up — let people know that those on your email list will get first dibs on the goods!

You might be thinking this all seems like a lot — but it you want to THRIVE as a teacher and build a following who can’t wait to attend your classes and special events, you’ve gotta practice the art of mindful marketing.



Want to know more? Don’t miss parts one and three of this 100% FREE series, “Build Your Following + Your Biz:: Email Marketing for Yogipreneurs.”


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