Have you ever had someone come on a little too strong… and it felt kinda weird/awkward/icky?

Yeah. Bad marketing can feel like that too.

No one is rushing to sign up for your amazing offerings when you’re coming off that slightly creepy desperate guy at the bar.

When you’re first interaction with a potential perfect-for-you client is focused solely on sales or getting them to work with you right away… you’re denying them the opportunity to just get to know you! To see if you’re the type of person they really want to work with. Which means you’ve got to come on STRONG to get them to take the next step.

What would happen if instead, you focused on WOO-ING your dream clients {so they can’t wait to work with you!}?

What would it feel like if the first time you talked, they were IN and ready to sign up {as in – you didn’t have to ‘sell’ yourself because they already KNEW they wanted to work with you}?

What if instead of feeling anxious and desperate for the sale when you talked with a new potential client… you felt relaxed and confident you were attracting the right peeps who were a perfect fit, so the conversation is really more of a let’s do this! chat?

I’ll tell you – it’s freakin’ ah-maz-ing!

And it starts with an Irresistible Free Offer.

What is an Irresistible Free Offer {aka IFO}?

It’s an amazing piece of free content that you offer in exchange for an email address.

It could be an::

  • Free Handout/Guide/Workbook
  • Free E-Book
  • Free Chapter
  • Free Quiz
  • Free Video
  • Free Video Training Series
  • Free On-Demand Webinar/Training Video
  • Free Challenge

But here’s the thing about Irresistible Free Offers – they are not all created equal.

I’ve seen some pretty awful IFOs. I’ve taken quizzes that got my email but didn’t really give me anything useful in return. I’ve watched free videos that looked like my 4 year old was the cameraman {and for the love of all things people – if you are filming in a bedroom, at least tidy up the bed + close the closet door!}. I’ve downloaded ebooks that were filled with grammar mistakes and left me feeling like they weren’t professional about their business.

Today I’m taking a stand against crappy IFOs.

Your IFO needs to do more than just get peeps to hand over their email address.

A great IFO should allow you to showcase your BEST work.

Your IFO should give them a preview of what it could be like to work with you.

And most importantly – it should speak to the heart of your dream client!

When you’ve hit the IFO trifecta, it can be a complete game changer.

When I created The Fired Up & Focused Challenge, I poured my heart and soul into it. I just wanted to create something amazing, that I knew would help people regardless of if they worked with me.

I was blown away by the impact this freebie would have on my business.

Not only did I completely sell out, I ended up with a year long waiting list for Yogipreneur Mentorship, I’ve been interviewed a dozen times about creating the challenge, dozens of participants blogged about the challenge, and on average, each participant of the challenge recommended it to at least 4-5 friends!

I even had a participant share that they were so blown away by the challenge – they would have easily paid $500 for it!

And every single week, I get glowing reviews like this::

I wanted to send a note with my VERY sincere thanks for the Fired Up and Focused Challenge! I just finished going through it, and found it to be SO incredibly valuable. I’m just getting started with my business (compassionate health coaching for teen girls) and am beyond grateful that I found you at this stage. Learning from you from the start has helped me to establish a strong foundation of smart practices. My favorite lessons:
– Business Savasanas. I learned that it’s not only ok for me to take time away from my business – it’s essential for my success. Now, when I’m feeling really overwhelmed, I take guilt-free breaks, and come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world!
– ALL of your mindful marketing stuff! I’m coming at my business without a business background (just a lot of passion), so that was super helpful!
– The tools you shared! I’m now using canned responses, Boomerang, Satori, and Contactually. I think that those recommendations alone will save me hundreds of hours in the long term.
I also followed the 30-day blog tour and gained a lot of knowledge. You are the perfect model for everything you preach – you’ve gained 100% of my trust and respect by sharing all of this AMAZING content. THANK YOU for what you do. You’ve truly made a difference in my life and in my brand-new biz.

What kind of impact could an incredible IFO have on your biz?




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