Marie Forleo’s B-School Review

People are surprised when they find out I took Marie Forleo’s B-School in 2012.

“Why did you take B-School – you’ve already got 10+ years of biz experience… you’ve got a 6-figure biz… you actually have an MBA from a REAL Business School… you TEACH mindful marketing and conscious business!”

So here’s a deep dive into my experience with RHH BSchool, why I plan to take it again, and how The Yogipreneur is partnering with BSchool for 2014!

What Is Marie Forleo’s B-School?

Marie Forleo’s B-School is a completely online, video based training program teaches you how to use modern online marketing to grow your online presence and your business.

B-School is the brain-child of the brilliant and hilarious Marie Forleo. Her mission is to help women “Change Your Life, Change The World”. What I love about Marie is she walks her talk… there are a TON of people teaching “make money online” and very few who have the biz and the results to back it all up. She’s been featured on Oprah, she’s friends with Richard Branson, and is amazingly transparent how she reached a 8-figure biz (**hint – a lot of heart, hustle, and about 10ish years!**).

Who Is B-School For?

B-School is for entrepreneurs who are clear on their business, but not clear on how to put all the pieces together to effectively sell more and market better online.

It’s NOT for everyone. From what I’ve seen inside the B-School community, the people who get the MOST out of B-School have a business… meaning they already have something to offer and actually get paid for. It can be a brick & mortar shop, a service based biz, or an online business. These entrepreneurs are super clear on their biz vision & goals and they are ready to grow their biz using online marketing.

When I joined in 2012, I was thrilled to see so many women who had businesses at about the same level as mine (5+ years experience & 6+ figure revenues) who were taking B-School to get even better at online marketing & sales.

I also saw a LOT of people who struggled in B-School. If you don’t have a business — especially if you don’t have a clear idea of what business you want to be in — you need to know that B-School isn’t a “magic bullet” promising an instant biz. I’ve met several amazing entrepreneur’s who created their business from SCRATCH while in B-School. But for the majority of peeps, if you’re still in the “idea phase” of business, know that those amazing stories are the exception, not the rule.

Last year, Marie introduced the Start the Right Business guide – which is full of amazing advice + support for figuring out the right business for you. That said – I still feel very strongly that nothing replaces getting some individual support from a consultant and mentor {check out my solution below!}.

What I LOVED About B-School

The #1 reason I took BSchool in 2012 — I wanted to see how Marie did it! I was pretty sure I knew most of the content in the curriculum (hell – I’ve been teaching a lot of similar information way before I even heard of BSchool) but I knew I would learn a TON from how Marie organized and delivered the program. First-class all the way — it totally upped my game with my own online programs and has challenged me to dig into what I can do to continually raise the bar for myself.

The training is SPOT-ON. I practiced having a “Beginners Mind” — going through the entire program step by step, completing the worksheets, implementing strategies. Sure I had done lots of this before — but I knew there was always a level deeper I could take things.

I also knew that Marie was on top of what was ACTUALLY working in online marketing. At this point, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in different programs only to realize that the content was outdated. Honestly – as fast as things change online – things are outdated in less than a year. Marie shared openly what was working for her biz and the community was fantastic for learning what was working for others.

*2014 Update* As of January 2014 – much of the content inside BSchool is exactly the same content as it was in 2012. I’m hearing that Marie is adding some additional new training for peeps with products {like jewelry etc} but I’m not sure if the rest of the training is being refreshed. I feel it’s important to mention this because while much of this content is still very relevant, know that B-School is very much about the foundational strategies to use online. It doesn’t dig into uber-specific topic areas like social media that are changing rapidly. This is a FOUNDATIONAL program that lasts!**

The community inside BSchool is pretty amazing. There are some freakin’ BRILLIANT women (and a few savvy men) inside this program. The Facebook group is amazing — any question you have, literally day or night, post it and get multiple thoughtful & insightful answers within minutes.

What I DIDN’T LOVE About B-School

Honestly, there’s not a lot I didn’t love!

But here are a few things to be aware of if you’re considering B-School.

The community is amazing — but it’s HUGE. Over 2,000 people are in the B-School Facebook group when I first completed the program. I’m assuming by the time this round gets started, there will be 2x as many! ** 2014 Update – I should have guessed higher! There are over 6K peeps as of January 2014. Placing bets on another 10,000 joining based on the marketing buzz building already.**.

There are some people who attempt to use this group to promote their own stuff (which drives me insane) instead of using the community for support and feedback. And because it’s a community forum, there is a lot of the blind leading the blind (inexperienced peeps giving advice and feedback).

The biggest issue I have with the Facebook community at this point is how incredibly HUGE it is. As the community has continued to grow, Marie has created a dedicated team to moderate and support the community – however moderation is very different from having a coach or mentor personally respond to your questions {or at least jump in when they feel the conversation is mis-leading people}.

This is really an issue for me personally – because I no longer look for support from the B-School community. It’s just too big! {That said, I still connect regularly with the people I met through B-School in 2012. Those ladies are the bomb!}

Imagine your entire high school college taking one class for 8 weeks. With just ONE teacher. Even though I think Marie does an amazing job with her Q&A calls — there are just way too many people in the program if you know you’ll need any 1×1 support (keep reading for my solution below).

It can be complete information OVERLOAD. B-School provides a ton of tools & strategies to grow your biz — but I found many people to be completely overwhelmed when it came time to implement things. You can get through the weekly content and homework in 2 or so hours each week — but actual implementation takes time and can be confusing if you don’t have someone walking you through it all.

Why I’ll Be In B-School for 2014!

Every year, there are a few books I re-read, programs I re-take, and strategies I review. Why? Because while there are a lot of “shiny objects” fighting for my attention, these core things keep me centered and focused on what I’m here to do in my biz.

B-School is one of those programs I’ll revisit. In fact — I’ve reviewed the entire program at least once since it wrapped up last year just to see what other juicy nuggets I could pull out of it.

This year will be a bit different for my biz. I’ve gotten even more focused and refined with the direction for The Yogipreneur in the next year. And I have a passion project that I’m working on and will use BSchool to refine.

*2014 Yogipreneur BSchool Velocity Intensive Bonus*

In 2012, a funny thing happened. I found peeps from The Yogipreneur community in B-School! And by the end of the program, I was working with several Yogipreneur B-Schoolers 1×1 to integrate and implement everything they were learning.

So this time around, I’ve created an opportunity for you to get the MOST out of B-School while getting the support and 1×1 attention you need. When you sign up for BSchool through my affiliate link, you’ll get an opportunity to work with me 1×1*.

And since I’m fully booked for 1×1 Mentorship through the end of Spring 2014 and no longer offer any one-off sessions, this is your only chance to get some solo time with moi!

The Yogipreneur B-School Bonus is direct access to me through my Velocity Strategy Intensive. We’ll block out 90 minutes to go through everything you’re working on – from big picture strategy to fine tuning your offerings to reviewing your online marketing strategy. You’ll also get a followup session with me to ensure that you are fully supported in implementing your plan.

If you’re excited to dive into BSchool and want my eyes on your biz as you apply this amazing program, click here to sign up through my affiliate link.*

I’ll be in touch with you as soon as BSchool kicks off in March 2014!

*Note – Marie is offering this free video series as part of the launch for RHH BSchool. When enrollment opens, if you use my affiliate link, I earn a commission for sending you to Marie. This is how I am able to offer my Yogipreneur BSchool bonus with no extra cost to you :) It’s truly a win-win.


  1. Hey!
    I am already signed up for B-school and I would love to go thru this with a group to keep me on track. Let me know if there is room for me and what I need to do!

  2. I agree with your ‘critique’ of Bschool. I signed up this year and I’m still going thru the material. I’ve put in my 2weeks at work but I feel confident moving forward BECAUSE I have access to Bschool. The material is like my bible. I tell myself that I just have to do the work and I’ll be fine (fingers and toes crossed, hehe).
    The Fbook family IS huge and G’forbid you LIKE or comment – you’ll be getting facebook notifications for weeks to come, haha.
    I’ve signed up for your newsletters as well to get a diff perspective on finding “my business sweet spot”.


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