I have a pet peeve.

It’s called… MARKETING.

Wait… what? Racheal, you’re a marketing coach. You must be confused.

Nope… actually I’m not the only one. Your students are annoyed too.

Because somehow, they went from being students to being clients. From people you serve to people you sell to.

There’s a BIG difference. Subtle, but HUGE at the same time.

Over the past couple of weeks, in so many conversations I’ve had, I have found a huge disconnect between creating a successful business and honoring your truth as a conscious teacher.

When I step on my mat in a yoga class, it is such a peaceful and grounding experience. My teachers guide me through the practice, pushing me to my edge. This is where I learn so much about myself. This practice helped me learn to embrace my body after years of eating disorders and negative body image. I overcame my fear of inversions and learned to trust myself. And became ok with falling, knowing that with practice and encouragement, I would get there. After having my twins, I strengthened my body here and rejuvenated my mind after sleepless nights awake with babies.

So much goodness from a 75 minute class.

But here’s the disconnect.

Here’s where so many teachers forget to keep teaching, to keep inspiring, to keep encouraging… both on and off the mat.

They start “marketing”.

You’re handed a flyer. Emails about specials and events pour in. You might even get a postcard in the mail. Facebook messages and events overflow your wall.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s SO important to keep your community informed. If they don’t know what is going on, how will they ever attend your events or purchase your deals? They won’t.

What I’m talking about is the difference between talking WITH someone to talking AT someone.

Most marketing is talking AT someone. It’s a one-sided conversation.

Conscious communication is the evolution of marketing for yogi-preneurs. It is a conversation, full, dynamic, engaging. Taking WITH your students on a deeply personal level. Showering them with encouragement and inspiration. When done well, it guides your student to take another step, a desired action, to enroll them deeper into their practice.

My teacher, Arlene, was the master at conscious communication. Within her inner-circle of the Grace Yoga community, every touch, every message was a teaching moment. Every month, she wrote a beautiful newsletter that focused first on inspiration, overcoming your greatest fears, and honoring yourself. We LOVED to receive this newsletter, and often the days that it was emailed out, all of the students would hug and thank her for sharing with us such a beautiful piece of her experience.

Because the more personal, the more universal. The deeper she explored, the more it resonated with us. And the more grateful we were to have someone who UNDERSTOOD. Who had been there, facing the challenges of life, and now was the light who could show us the way (through participating in her class).

Only after first sharing this inspiration and encouragement, then the newsletter included some quick updates on events and specials.

Start healing this disconnect in your marketing. Move towards conscious communications with your community.

Put value and service first. Always teach. People need inspiration daily… not just the 75 minutes they see you. Provide it! Focus on conscious communications on a regular basis, and watch your students become part of your inner circle within your tribe. They will return for that inspiration and encouragement… and it becomes less about “selling” them your service and more about enrolling them in their own transformation.

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