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Love Notes for The Yogipreneur

My programs have filled, my mailing list has nearly doubled and {most importantly to me} I have a clear plan for the future.

I decided to work with Racheal when I was ready to up-level my biz. I had a solid foundation, but I really wanted to streamline — making more space for both my business to grow and for me to have more time for my personal life {including my own practice!}.

I’m endlessly impressed with the depth + bredth of information that Racheal offers. It’s easy enough to find business advice… but it’s nearly impossible to find quality, relevant information. Racheal is my go-to whenever I need inspiration, advice, or new tips I’d never considered!

Since working with Racheal, my programs have filled, my mailing list has nearly doubled and {most importantly to me} I have a clear plan for the future. Less angst. More clarity. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Anna Guest-Jelley

Founder, Curvy Yoga

Before I started working with Racheal, I was overworked, over-scheduled, and exhausted. I felt trapped in the business I had created with no clear direction as to how things could shift so that I didn’t always have to work 80+ hour weeks. I loved my business and my clients… but I couldn’t enjoy any of it, because I was so depleted myself.

My life and business has changed completely since beginning my work with Racheal. I’m happier, calmer, I am making more money, and I am moving my business in a very exciting new direction. Racheal gave me permission and support to grow my business in the direction I was most excited about: teaching other yoga teachers. I had been worried that moving in that direction wasn’t a smart business choice, but Racheal showed me it was not only a good idea, but it was the ONLY WAY to grow my business successfully AND enjoy myself as I did!

She has helped me break down all my goals into organized, achievable steps, and has made the whole process fun and easy! I have never been more excited about my work, or more proud of what I am offering to the world! I have a long list of things I’m EXCITED to do and I always get them done! As a result, my business has completely transformed in a few months.

Hell yes I would totally recommend Racheal to any healing entrepreneur who is ready to uplevel their business AND their personal life!

Francesca Cervero

Founder, Francesca Cervero Yoga + Wellness

“Racheal is a G-E-N-I-O-U-S conscious biz coach! She’s one of those crazy-productive powerhouse optimizer/organizer geniuses who knows how to boil everything down to a SYSTEM and get results.” 

Kris Ward

Founder, Abundant Yogi

“Racheal gets yoga + the business of yoga. She has walked the walk so she can talk the talk. Simply put – work with her, she’s the real thing.”

Annette Tersigni RN

Founder, Yoga Nursing

In this day and time when technology is shifting by the minute and marketing yourself is being impacted by each change, it’s important to know you have a resource that can get you on track and up to date with the latest marketing trends and business solutions. Creating systems that attract your target audience and help maintain your business so it runs smoothly is so important for solopreneurs that wear many hats.

Racheal takes business and marketing complexities and turns them into simplified solutions that help you bring your offering forward into a thriving business.”

Jessica Boylston-Fagone

Founder, Brand Thyself

I found myself at a cross roads in my business. I had a great thing going, but was flirting with burnout. I felt like I had exhausted all my previous training experiences and knowledge of the industry. I had a big mission to pursue in the world and didn’t know the next steps to continue manifesting my dream into reality.

Working with Racheal, I’ve gotten clarity on creating a more complete and full offering of services and products for my business. I’ve put together a marketing strategy that’s consistent while still utilizing my talents and gifts. I’ve built out my website into a much more complete platform that adds tremendous value to my tribe. I successfully launched a mentorship program and enrolled 6 clients within the first two weeks of Racheal and I working together.

At the time of this writing, I’m about to launch a second online course for my community. I’ve upgraded my productivity and have set some serious rituals and work routines. I’ve gone from a feeling of full speed ahead and risking burnout, to feeling calm, collected and confident. I feel I am moving confidently toward my goals and am totally on track with where I want to go.

I would absolutely recommend Racheal and her programs to any conscious entrepreneur looking to take their business to a whole new level of profitability, productivity and personal fulfillment.

Chris King

Founder, Yoga Business Revolution

I am in awe of Racheal’s coaching and programs. She is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher. She masters the art of breaking down in small easy to implement steps all the best information and tools available in the field of marketing, business and communication.

But most of all, I have truly felt that she was sincerely involved in the process and that she cared about me and my naturopathic practice. That she wants me to succeed.

Racheal is very generous with her attention and advice. She listens with a lot of compassion and understanding and finds the right words to support you and gently pushes your forward. She makes it seem like IT IS POSSIBLE! We CAN become CEO’s of our heart-centered enterprises and beautifully serve the world without burning out.I’m very grateful for Racheal’s presence on my path!

Aline Verheyen


Racheal has helped me hone in on the specific pieces of my business that I’m the most passionate about. Before talking to Racheal, I had a long list of ideas but no clear path.

Through Conscious Business Design, I’ve been able to focus on the aspects of my business that I love and realise the power of what I have to offer.

Katie Myer

Founder, Professional Yogi

Racheal is one of the most amazing women I have ever met.  She blows my mind everyday with her willingness to share, her vast knowledge, passion and rockstar marketing skills.

She is my go-to gal for all things marketing and techy! Going through her Guide To Conscious Business Design is improving my clarity, focus and business big time!  Anyone wanting to create or improve their conscious business needs this program!

Allison Braun

The Business Joyologist

When I called Racheal I had just had my 2nd baby, lost the lease on my yoga studio, and was about to open in a new location while hosting classes in a number of satellite locations. I was overwhelmed and not feeling productive. I was unsure of what the yoga studio support and staff should look like, but I knew we needed a new website and had a million ideas for offerings that I could not focus on. Basically, I was not sleeping and was totally overwhelmed with my life.

Working with Racheal helped me to get CLEAR on my time, my structure, and my path. She helped me put into place support staff so I could do my work effectively and move forward working ON my business not always IN my business. Racheal specifically helped me manage my time, encouraged me to set up my personal home office (instead of the dining room table), get CLEAR about who I want to work with and what I want to offer them.

Rachel helped me with decisions for my new website, delegating to our manager and streamlining the offerings at Lil’ Omm.It was awesome to have someone to flush out all my ideas with and move forward on the ones that made sense to my lifestyle right now. THE BIGGEST RESULT I had from working with Rachel was letting go of the guilt of all the stuff I SHOULD be doing and allowing me the space and support to be me.

I highly recommend this program for someone who could use the support and accountability of working with someone so focused and determined to help you achieve all your dreams and goals. Rachel is so fabulous at ACTION and growth. She’s really able to sort out questions you have, create a plan so that you can have everything you want, and feel great about it.

Pleasance Silicki

Founder, lil omm yoga

I was introduced to the Yogipreneur at time when I was excited to grow my business, but lacking focus and direction. I had a ton of creative energy, passion, and an amazing vision, but I felt like I was spinning my wheels most of the time. Feeling frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed, I knew I needed help with creating structure and systems that would assist with the day-to-day operations and more importantly, long-term sustainability. I needed help with looking at my business on both a practical and conceptual level. I needed a plan, along with the tools and support to work the plan. I was looking for an authentic business coach or program that would understand my vision and make it even better! I knew my search was over after speaking with Racheal. She offers the best of both worlds – brilliance and authenticity.

After Conscious Business Design, I’m working hard to develop achievement-oriented habits! That’s a HUGE piece for me. All the simple tips and tricks on how to effectively use social media and technology have been so easy to implement. The Yogipreneur offers so many high impact, relevant, and easy-to-learn strategies to help me work ‘smarter not harder’ (ideas for ‘passive income’, for example) and build sustainability.

My confidence has soared since Conscious Business Design! It’s has been such a relief having a clear plan that is easy to follow. The videos, worksheets, online community, and access to Racheal’s brilliance has all kept me fully engaged in the learning. I am excited by the learning curve, rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.

As a leader, I now have a clear plan, innovative tools and strategies, and  effective systems in place to sustain and grow my business.  

I would absolutely recommend Conscious Business Design!  The quantity and quality of information is outstanding – such incredible value. And, Racheal is so authentic and accessible. I would recommend this awesome program to anyone who is looking for creative ways to grow their business…and love every minute of it!!!

Jodi Tiller

Founder, ReBirth Wellness Center

Racheal is so wonder-FULL! She is wicked smart and insightful… it seems like the perfect marketing copy just pours out of her mouth. Her encyclopedic knowledge never ceases to amaze – when in doubt, she has the answer on the right tools, strategies, or technology you need to get things done in your business.

She addresses the full spectrum of the entrepreneur’s needs. From how to simplify the minutia that we all have to figure out – such as how to make a video, to clean out your inbox, to inspire yourself daily – to zooming out to see the big picture too – such as how to position, how to find your clients and how to grow steadily (and not too fast)! That’s a very rare combo.

Genuine and so generous, her integrity makes her stand out in this field of business coaches. She tops it all off with a lovely, nurturing nature – caring deeply. My work with her has been a rocket booster to get my business finally launched. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Cassandra Metzger

Founder, WellSpring Stones

My business partner and I were facing financial challenges after having been in business for nine years. A recent staffing change left us with a community dealing with a lot of upset and frustration… which left us wondering if our business would be able to bounce back. I was even questioning my role as a biz owner and if I even wanted to continue or step down and pursue other work.

Since then, we’ve completely re-branded our business so that there is absolute clarity in who our clientele are and who we are serving so these people are coming to us without us having to go to them as much.

We now have an amazing team of teachers in our studio that are fully in alignment with our vision. My partner and I feel like for the first time, we’ve stepped fully into leading our business as CEOs.

The financial piece isn’t 100% there year, however we are finally focused and clear on what generates revenue instead of wondering what will grow our business. With that knowledge, we’ve fine tuned our offerings and I know in the next couple of months we’ll see the results!

Racheal has been easy to connect with – she responds quickly to questions and actively participates in the CBD community. She’s a great resource and role model because she really walks her talk. She’s the mother of young children, like myself, and her strategies have helped me focus on what’s working, let go of what’s not, and have time to enjoy my life beyond my business as a mom.

I would recommend working with Racheal if you are looking to have balance in your work/home life and simply haven’t known where to start. You will be guided along the way, have a great community to participate in, share your challenges and successes, and grow your business at your pace and in the way that is best suited for you.

Melissa Paz

Co-Owner, Source Yoga Studio

When I started working with you I fully expected that we would get clear on my business strategy and blast into developing the programs & systems that I needed to get where I wanted to be with my business, specifically in regards to income & personal satisfaction with my work. And all of that was available, and still is, you have amazing resources & systems! I’ve used some & will continue to use them in the future. But what has happened over the last 9 months is much more profound and impact-full than I could have imagined.

Instead of blasting ahead, I’ve found myself slowing down. Getting clear on what I want in my LIFE, not just from my business. Over our time together I expressed frustration at not moving ahead at the speed I wanted to. Not accomplishing goals & meeting deadlines I’d set for myself. In our last conversation you assured me that if I was patient my life would look completely different in 6 months. You were right.

In our time together and since, I’ve let go of a lot of things that were holding me back. I sold my physical business, stepped away from many commitments that weren’t serving me, and I’m moving to a new city in just a few weeks! I feel like a different person & I can see a clear path for myself that revolves around doing the things that make me happy.

I feel a level of confidence in my business & my ability to sell what I do that I’ve never felt before. And within days of deciding to move I booked 6 new clients. Holy energy shift! I was on the phone with a client today talking about my program and she said, “wow, you just said all of that without even pausing to think about it.” Yup. Cause I’m that good. And I know it. 🙂

Lesson learned: Slowing down has propelled me forward in ways that I could never have imagined. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rachel Anzalone

Whole Health Provacateur

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