This article is Part 2 of my Your Sweet Yoga Career series, a series of detailed articles, interviews, + resources to help you build a profitable + sustainable yoga teaching career beyond the studio. If you missed Part 1 you can find it right here.

You’re now a yoga teacher! With a RYT certificate in hand, you start applying to gyms and yoga studios; however you quickly realize there are few openings for brand new yoga teachers.

What do you do? How do you find students to teach?

Start with Your Dream Yoga Students

A common thought in the yoga community is that since everyone can benefit from yoga, you should market and offer yoga services to everyone that you come across. Often this leads to unfocused marketing campaigns that are ineffective and expensive. It also leads to students who simply are not a good fit – they are demanding of your time and energy and are often the same students who are asking for you to discount your services!

Focusing on a specific type of student allows you to become more efficient, create a stronger personal and professional brand and expand your business. Does this mean that you turn away students who do not fit this “ideal student” profile? No! But you are more likely to attract the students who appreciate and value your teaching {and your time}.

The law of attraction is a simple concept: like attracts like. So what kind of student are you attracting?

When I think of myself as a teacher, there are several personal qualities that resonate with a specific type of student. I value my health and fitness, but I also value a relaxed lifestyle that is focused on friends and family. I eat organic and vegetarian most of the time, but I love a family cookout and a glass of wine. Staying in shape is important to me, but I don’t like to run. So the students naturally adore working with have a similar outlook on life – they are looking to develop a yoga practice that provides energy, focus and personal growth in their life.

Another example could be a friend of mine who teaches Gentle Yoga a few times a week. She is a more mature woman with a sparkling personality and calm demeanor. Her voice is very soft and soothing. Her full time career is demanding; she prefers a relaxing and soothing practice. So her ideal students are a similar demographic – more mature, career oriented people who are looking for a practice that will be relaxing and soothing.

Ask Yourself::

What types of yoga students are you attracting?

Who believes what you believe?

What are they looking for in a yoga practice?

Why are these questions important? Understanding the lifestyle, values, and stresses of your student allows you to provide more value in your teaching.

When you focus on attracting students who you resonate with, amazing things begin to happen. People feel that you have created a class just for them! Students share their positive experience with friends.

Positioning yourself as an “expert” with a particular type of student is also helpful when approaching gyms and studios to get a job as a teacher.

Consider another friend of mine who is a former firefighter. He had started taking yoga while still in the fire department and knew the benefits yoga provided to those who have very stressful careers. Before he even finished his training program, he started talking to local fire departments about offering yoga to the fire fighters. Because he is a former firefighter, his students are more likely to respect and value him as a yoga teacher.

Now that you know who you’re here to serve join us for Part 3: Where to find your ideal student.




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