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Find out what it REALLY takes to create a successful modern yoga biz without burning out or selling out!

First Stop:: Get To Know The Yogipreneur!

Are you and me meant to be? One of the most important lessons I teach is to do what you love for people who love what you do {and with clients who I now consider amazing friends and business BFFs, this has served me well!}. So get to know how I roll by checking out::

  1. Dig into The {Epic 6-Year} Journey of The Yogipreneur
  2. Read The Manifesto:: A Love Notes to Yogipreneurs
  3. Peruse some over 100+ articles, blogs, and podcasts featuring The Yogipreneur
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I’m endlessly impressed with the depth + breadth of information that Racheal offers. It’s easy enough to find business advice… but it’s nearly impossible to find quality, relevant information. Since working with Racheal, my programs have filled, my mailing list has nearly doubled and {most importantly to me} I have a clear plan for the future. Racheal is my go-to whenever I need inspiration, advice, or new tips I’d never considered!

Anna Guest-Jelley

Founder, Curvy Yoga

Next:: Check Out These Amazing Yoga Biz Resources

You’re ready to turn your yoga passion into a profitable biz… but where do you get started? You can’t go wrong with any of these gems from The Yogipreneur collection of free workshops, articles, interviews and more::

Are You Ready to Turn Your Yoga Hobby Into Your Yoga Business?

Take our free 5 minute quiz to see if you’re ready to make yoga your full time biz this year!

Then:: Get Into Inspired Action With These Advanced Resource Guides

Ready to take your existing yoga business to the next level? Here’s our most popular business design and mindful marketing resources guides::

Build Your Following + Your Business:: Email Marketing for Enlightened Entrepreneurs

You spend a TON of time building a following and nurturing relationships with your community… but did you know that an email is 20x more powerful than a social media post? Smart entrepreneurs know that the secret to selling out workshops, events, and trainings is thriving email strategy. Start building your following + your business right here with this series.

Build Your Online Presence:: Secrets to Pretty + Profitable Websites

It doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga studio/wellness center owner, solo-teacher/coach, or any other helping + healing professional. If you wanna get noticed… you need an online presence. But even more important than having a pretty website? Having a rock-solid strategy to turn that website into a 24/7 client attracting machine for your biz! Start building and optimizing your website strategy with this series.

Build a Profitable + Sustainable Yoga Biz {Without Burning Out Or Selling Out}

There is a HUGE knowledge gap for the average yogi coming out of a yoga teacher training… and understanding this crucial missing piece could be the difference between only pursuing teaching yoga as an expensive hobby and taking the leap into a profitable, sustainable career as a yoga teacherLearn what Yogipreneurs do differently in this series.

Design A Business You Love... That Loves You Back!

What is a business that loves you back? It’s a business that allows you to create an amazing LIFE, not just a living, doing what you love for people who love what you do. Sounds simple enough, but the #1 challenge I hear from yogi-hearted entrepreneurs is falling out of love with your biz because of burnout + overwhelm. It doesn’t have to be this way! Learn how to create a beautiful life, not just a living, with this series.

Racheal gets yoga + the business of yoga. She has walked the walk so she can talk the talk. She helped me to make my website shine and polish my focus and positioning to my ideal client. YogaNursing has boomed in this last year with my income doubling from the previous year. Simply put- work with her, she’s the ‘real thing’.

Annette Tersigni RN

Founder, Yoga Nursing

Now:: Watch the State of the Yogiverse!

Is yoga a broke biz? For over 80% of yogis… maybe. But smart, savvy, successful yogipreneurs know something that the majority doesn’t. Learn more with this 100% gratis masterclass!

Ready to Go From Yogi to Yogipreneur?

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