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the podcast where yoga professionals like you can have your questions answered, and turn your passion for yoga into a profitable, sustainable career. With interviews featuring top yoga professionals, and real questions from real listeners, I’m sharing experience and success stories so that you can find more ease and less stress in your yoga career.

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I’ve always wanted to dig deeper into the questions that plague today’s yogis,
so I set up Yogipreneur Radio as a place where I can!

Real questions. Real, actionable answers.

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Love putting my headphones on, taking the dog for a walk, AND building a better business at the same time! Racheal’s advice is always right on! I’ve had the opportunity to work with Racheal through her programs and love the podcasts that bring even more information, advice, guidance, helpful tips. The Yogipreneur makes running a yoga business a breeze for a non-business yogi like me.

NCyoga ~ via iTunes

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