Today I’m diving into my go-to strategy for the fastest path to cash in your biz… but first, let’s travel back to December 2010.

My twins were about to turn 1 and I was finally feeling ready to come back to The Yogipreneur after almost a year of away from my biz.

That’s right – a year of no blogging, no social media, no emails.

And after living on savings and my hubby’s teacher salary {and you KNOW that isn’t much}, funds were running out. My two long term clients were wrapping up. I needed to relaunch The Yogipreneur… but when you’re bank account is dwindling to a few hundred bucks and rent is coming due, you just don’t have time for complicated strategies that ultimately could take months to implement and see results.

I needed to make $2500 THAT MONTH {yep – I remember EXACTLY how much I needed to keep a roof over my babies heads and food in their little bellies!}.

So I spent a couple of hours mapping out a game plan, then the next few days taking action and implementing like crazy.

The result? Two weeks later I had filled my private mentorship program with a handful of new clients, billed over $10,000 in new revenue, and gave The Yogipreneur the runway it needed for me to ramp up the biz over the next few months.

The TRUTH About The FASTEST Path To Cash

I hear from people every week who are exactly where I was – dreaming about their dream business but struggling with the reality of starting from scratch, with no website, no email list, and nothing to offer but their time.

And while at The Yogipreneur, I’m uber-committed to sharing a more organic, mindful, and sustainable approach to business – one that steers clear from the sleezy Build a Six-Figure Biz in 30 Days noise – sometimes you need cash flow. NOW.

But honestly – it doesn’t matter if you’re needing to pay your rent, wanting to take your family on a vacation, or if you’re wanting to sign up for a conscious biz training that could help you design a business that loves you back.

In this day and age, many people believe that if they can just whip out a passive income product – like a DVD or eBook – or an online program, they’ll be rolling in the dough in no time.

And while I love creating online offerings + passive income streams {and teach my Conscious Business Design members how to make that happen}, there’s a faster, easier, zero-tech way to start bringing in those dolla dolla bills.

And it’s not offering a huge discount on your services…

It’s not hosting a flash sale of your programs…

Ready for it?

The fastest path to cash is working 1×1 with clients.

I believe that EVERY yoga teacher, health coach, spiritual teacher… every service provider… should work with 1×1 clients.

You’ll learn so much more about who you want to serve, their greatest needs and desires, and how you can best help them through working privately with clients. That experience so incredibly valuable::

Working 1×1 makes you better at what you DO. You get to see the results of your work in real time. When you’re offering leveraged or passive products or programs, you often don’t know what’s happening for people. When you work 1×1, you’ve got a front row seat to the transformation you’re facilitating. You can see what is working and what’s falling flat. I believe so strongly in this that I often tell my clients to not even think about creating a group program until they’ve worked with at least a dozen or more peeps 1×1.

Working 1×1 makes you a better mindful marketer. The biggest challenge for marketers is really understanding what’s happening inside the heads and hearts of their ideal clients. You can do research all day long, but nothing compares to the insights you’ll get working with private clients. Pay attention and you’ll have fodder for blogs, free content, and insight into your next paid program.

Working 1×1 takes the pressure off your business.  As you move towards creating leveraged, passive, or online programs and offerings, suddenly you’ve got a LOT to learn and implement. You’ve gotta grow and nurture your community. You’ve gotta figure out all the technology. You’ve gotta create the right offerings. Figuring all this out – it takes TIME. And if you have a handful of private clients bringing in consistent income, you can make sure you’re doing your best work on your online programs + products {instead of rushing because you’re in panic mode}.

Ready to bring in some cash + create some breathing room in your biz?

Time for Inspired Action!

This approach is old-school. No technology. All relationships.

Step 1:: Create high-value packages.

Notice how I didn’t say slash your rates and throw a sale on a one-off session with you?

Yeah – that rarely leads to perfect for you clients {it tends to attract the price-shoppers and bargain hunters instead} and usually leaves you right back in the same place in just a month or so. Double whammy – you’ve now trained your peeps to wait for a sale so they’re less likely to pay your full rate.

Creating high-value packages is so crucial to not only your success – but your clients success!

Remember, people are coming to you to achieve a desired result. It could be to lose 15 lbs. It could be to manage their stress and anxiety. It could be to have 90 minutes of ‘me-time’ in an otherwise crazy schedule. Whatever the reason… there is a much higher chance of them getting there if they are consistently working with you.

For example – when I was pregnant with my third child, I knew I wanted to have a VBAC after a somewhat traumatizing experience after the C-Section with my twins {‘nother story for ‘nother time}. I also knew that my chances of making that happen were exponentially higher if I surrounded myself with the right team. So I invested in a high-end package with my amazing doula {including multiple private childbirth planning sessions and followup visits after the baby was born} in addition to signing up for private yoga with a prenatal yoga teacher.

And as a mama with lots of mama friends – I know that I’m not the only one who happily pays for lots of help with the same exact thing.

When you create your packages, think in terms of what are you helping people accomplish or achieve and how you can best help them get there!

Final note on packages – consider creating an option A and an option B.

Package A is your super mac-daddy package. This is the pulling out the red carpet, over the top service, and of course, lots of access + support from you.

Package B is a more simple version of package A. Gets them to the same outcome, but really more geared towards someone who is willing to DIY and doesn’t need so much handholding.

So if you were a yoga teacher helping new moms lose the baby weight {but really, you’re helping them indulge in some much needed self care and self love}…

Package A could look like 3 months of weekly private yoga sessions at her home {12 total sessions} that also includes helping her set up an at home yoga space, a custom yoga podcast and other tools to encourage her at home yoga practice, a custom meal plan for new mamas that shares ayurvedic recipes to get her back in balance after birth, and custom essential oil blend to help her find calm in the storm of having a newborn. Easily a $1200-1500 package.

Package B is much simpler, but still makes that mama feel well taken care of. It might be 3 months of bi-monthly private yoga sessions {6 total sessions} that includes everything above except the customize meal plan. Still high value, but about half the cost.

The best part about having two options? You’re empowering your client to decide the best level of support for them AND looking like a rockstar when you offer way more than expected.

And even better?

When you focus on offering high-value packages and delivering an amazing experience… those clients are much more likely to continue with you.

I personally know so many amazing private yoga teachers who have used this exact strategy to get their first private clients… then keep them for YEARS. Suddenly that $1500 package turns into $6K a year… which turns into $30K over 5 years. You don’t need many peeps when you focus on delivering insane value + experience.

Step 2:: Leverage your natural community.

This step is crucial!

You’ve probably heard a lot about how you’ve gotta figure out who your ideal client is, you’ve gotta do tons of work to figure out your niche or your ideal client avatar or other similar exercises before you do the first bit of marketing.

While all of that is super relevant and helpful for your long term marketing strategy… we’re gonna accelerate this process to get peeps in the door, cash flowing, and momentum in your biz.

Ask yourself these questions…

:: Who is around me right now, who do I already know that needs the kind of help I can provide and that I can access quickly?

:: Who do I already know, a peer or mentor or like-hearted service provider, who can introduce me to people who can use my help

:: Who have I already worked with who may be interested in an upgraded level of service OR might know someone else who is?

We often completely overlook the connections and relationship that we already have when we start thinking in terms of getting new clients – but the honest truth is it is much easier to enroll a new client who already has a relationship with you than attempt to go out and find brand new peeps who don’t know you at all.

If you’re an absolute beginner, your natural community may include many of your personal friends and family who’ve expressed any interest in what you do, former colleagues or business contacts who don’t know you’re starting something new, or even your mentor or other professionals offering similar services {seriously – ask. Because if they are really good, they’re likely turning people away, have a wait list, or would happily help you get the ball rolling}.

If you’ve already started your biz, your natural community may include all of the above as well as others who are also serving a similar audience. Maybe you’re a prenatal yoga teacher – you can connect with doulas, childbirth educators, and other serving pregnant moms. If you’re asking others for referrals {doesn’t matter if it’s old clients or new centers of influence}, consider hosting a workshop or meetup for them to invite those referrals to – you could easily do that in just a week or two, then followup with the remaining steps below.

Spend time with this part and you could easily come up with over 100 names of people in your natural community.

Step 3:: Reach out individually.

This approach is NOT mass emailing everyone you know.

It’s about taking the time to sincerely reach out and connect with them on a personal level.

A warm email that essentially let’s them know what’s new for you {starting your biz!}, who you’re looking to help {specifically – what problem you’re helping them solve}, and finally, that would love to offer a free consult to them {or alternatively to ask them who they know who may be interested in a quick conversation}.

*Note* This is NOT the pitch for your offering. Do that LIVE on the phone or in person.

Even better…

Step 4:: Just pick up the damn phone!

Yep. I said pick up the damn phone.

Too many people shy away from this because they are afraid of rejection or someone judging them. But when it comes down to it – a quick phone call to help someone can turn into a new client wayyyyy faster than doing a launch over 4 weeks.

Ask yourself – is your ego more important than helping these people – people who you already know or are connected to? Is your ego more important than serving others through your work?

Pick up the phone right now, right now, right this moment and call them.

Call and ask them what are they challenged by, what are they struggling with, what do they want to achieve? What’s holding them back from experiencing their dream ________ {life, body, birth, marriage, whatever you help people with}?

Have real genuine conversations. Listen. Be supportive. Offer an insight or two to get them on the right path.


And if you feel, genuinely in your heart that you can help them, offer your solution – your two packages –  and invite them to take the step forward to solve those problems and meet those desires through the vehicle of your offering.

Step 5:: Followup. Rinse. Repeat.

If it’s a yes – book their first session in your calendar, send the invoice {or take payment over the phone}, and send out a followup email with whatever they need to feel ready for that first session. BONUS – drop a thank you note + even a little prezzie in the mail. Start with an exceptional experience from the very beginning.

If it’s a maybe – book their first session anyways {pencil it in} and send a followup email saying THANK YOU for your time, all the details of the package, and what to do next. ESSENTIAL – include a deadline for their acceptance OR let them know when you’ll be calling them back to confirm getting started.

If it’s a no – don’t take it personally! It often will take a few no’s to get to a YES. It’s not a big deal. Again – followup with a thank you note. Treat them with love and gratitude. BONUS – ask for referrals to anyone they know who they think may be a great fit for what you’re doing.

Pick up the phone again. Call the next person. Make your way down that list from Step 2 until you fill your desired 1×1 spots.

FOLLOWUP WITH EVERYONE. Just because it’s not the right time or the right offer for them doesn’t mean they won’t be ready in a few months… or that they aren’t interested in working with you in another offering. These conversations could easily be the catalyst for creating a community of raving fans.

Yes – I know this strategy may feel scary!

But ultimately this is what it means to hustle. And when you are willing to put your ego aside, talk with as many people as you can, and invite the right ones to take the next step… you may find that by the end of the week, you’ll have filled your client docket and have the freedom to do what you really desire.

I’d love to know what you think – what have you done to hustle up some quick cashflow? And if you try this, let me know the results!

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