There are two approaches to marketing your business.

In the first approach {let’s call this traditional marketing}, your goal is to reach the largest audience possible in the hopes that you’ll stumble across people who are interested in what you have to offer.

This approach is a numbers game.

You have to reach huge audiences to make it work. Usually, you reach these audiences through advertising via tv {commercials}, website {brochure website + banner ads}, radio {commercials}, phone {telemarketing} and print {advertisements in magazines/newspapers + direct mail + flyers}.

PROS of Traditional Marketing:

  • It can bring huge exposure and awareness for your business.

CONS of Traditional Marketing:

  • It is EXPENSIVE to reach critical mass of exposure to achieve desired results!
  • It is not targeted — people who see your marketing may not be interested in what you have to offer at all, so you have to “sell” them on your services or program.
  • People do not respond to traditional advertising anymore! We fast-forward through commercials on our DVR, we throw out the junk mail, we hang up on telemarketers.

There is a bright side here — a second approach that works BRILLIANTLY.

Marketing 2.0.

Marketing 2.0 is a key technology behind Mindful Marketing. It is NOT about appealing to or reaching the masses. It’s about finding your people — your tribe who is asking you to help them, to lead them. It’s about making yourself accessible to the exact type of person who is perfect for you.

PROS of Marketing 2.0:

  • It is inexpensive!
  • It is super effective.
  • It is highly targeted – so you are in front of the RIGHT peeps.
  • It is perfectly suited for Mindful Marketing for Enlightened Entrepreneurs!

CONS of Marketing 2.0:

  • It takes much more than just getting a website or using social media!
  • It can be time consuming without the right strategy.
  • It can be completely ineffective if using new technology to implement traditional {pushy} marketing tactices — in fact, it can completely backfire, losing the trust of your community.

Click video below to for how to simplify your marketing to reach YOUR PEOPLE:





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