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  • about-banner The Yoga Recipe shares why quitting can help you reach success… faster! - You’ve got this AMAZING business idea! You can clearly see how your business can serve others. You know the opportunity is there. But it’s not really taking off like you hoped. In fact – the harder you’re working, the most frustrated you’re getting! What do you do when your business idea… just isn’t working out? […]
  • yptvdonnaorbovich.jpg What classical music can teach you about connecting deeply with your yoga students - Something I’ve been hearing over and over again from the yoga teachers is the deep desire for connection. We all want to connect on a deep and personal level with our communities and our students… but how do you create that moment of connection from a heart-centered place? Without feeling icky or forced? As a […]
  • YPTVJenniferLake Ready to grow as a yoga teacher? Jennifer Lake shares her journey to bring yoga to underserved populations - One of the biggest challenges every yoga teacher faces – how to grow your yoga business when there are so many teachers out there {and even more graduating teacher training every month!}? The answer isn’t to do what everyone else is doing. It’s to find people who AREN’T being served and find ways to bring […]
  • yogipreneurtvannaniche.jpg The #1 reason nobody’s interested in your yoga niche {yet!} - Narrowing your focus down to ONE super-defined niche seems like bad business advice. You’re limiting how many people you can really reach, right? WRONG. Anna Guest-Jelley knows this better than anyone. Her unique flavor of yoga – Curvy Yoga – has seen an explosion in growth over the past 4 years {allowing her to make […]
  • francescablog.jpg How to start offering private yoga lessons… even if you don’t think you’re “ready.” - If you’ve decided to make a living teaching yoga, you’ve probably realized that there is a limit to how many classes you can reasonably teach per week before you completely burn out from driving all over your city. Teaching private yoga seems like a great option… but how do you actually get private clients? How […]
  • YPTVPleasance Ready to find your yoga teaching home? Here’s what yoga studio owners are REALLY looking for! - You finished your training… and now it’s on to finding places to actually teach. The most obvious next step? Start dropping off resumes at studios around town, right? Only problem is, we’re in a flooded job-market {yep – this effects yoga teachers too} with more people looking for jobs than ever before. More and more […]
  • YPTVCailen The easiest, simplest, happiest way to start building your online presence {even if you’re a complete beginner} - It’s 2013. You KNOW that having an online presence is pretty much essential to getting the word out about your biz. But just the thought of all that an online presence could entail – websites, social media, blogs, email newsletters, video – it has you completely overwhelmed. Where do you begin? And is it really […]
  • aurayblogheader.jpg The Power of Raw Ass Vulnerability as an Enlightened Entrepreneur - Have you ever felt like you’re not really stepping into your fullest potential… like your polished image was preventing you from truly connecting with and serving your community? As heart-centered entrepreneurs, we all ache for authenticity in our business… to be able to translate our purpose + passion into our business. But sometimes turning ourselves […]
  • alexandrafranzenlaptop Finding Your Creative Rhythm + Getting Things Done a Bajillion Times Faster - We all want to have mo’ time, mo’ money, and mo’ fun in our businesses. But sometimes we entrepreneurs find ourselves completely overwhelmed by the day-to-day minutia of running our businesses — and find ourselves completely zapped of any inspiration or creativity. Doesn’t take long before we find ourselves wondering if we made the right […]
  • logo-black Are you acting from INSPIRATION or OBLIGATION? - What do you do when you realize you’re business isn’t working for you? Time for a check-in with your intuition. A couple of years ago, Kris Ward had the year of her life leading the Secret Sauce Society {a high-end year long mastermind coaching program}, jetting around the world, and starting her family. She was […]
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