April was an amazing month of insights from our 30 bloggers in the ♥ Your Community Blog Tour. In no particular order… here’s our top 30 lessons from an entire month of community lovin’ blog posts::


1. Do You.

Do you. Just be yourself. Let your freak flag fly.

The fastest way to stand out and differentiate yourself and your business will always be to just BE YOURSELF. Share your quirks and your flaws. Focus on your strengths. Be unapologetically you.


2. Get a Life.

That’s right – entrepreneurs need to spend time on things other than their business. When every waking hour of your day is spent focusing on your business, you’ll not only burn out but you’ll stop feeling inspired and start reeking of desperation. Living a life that you love will help you create the business to match.


3. Give. Give. Give. {Then Get}

Generosity is at the CORE of mindful marketing. What would happen if your marketing – blog posts, training videos, newsletters – actually served your community? Give generously!


4. You Are NOT a Mind Reader.

Remember don’t ASSUME {it makes an ASS out of YOU and ME}! It’s much easier to ASK people what they need. It’s a million times easier to create content + irresistible offerings when you know what your peeps want from you. Make it a practice to listen listen listen and ask your peeps what they want!


5. Support is Essential.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road… but it doesn’t have to be! Successful entrepreneurs know that they too need support.

The most successful entrepreneurs I know do 2 things:: 1) they invest in coaches and mentors to help them accelerate their success and 2) they surround themselves with like-minded business bffs and mastermind partners to encourage and cheer them on.


6. Don’t Serve Everyone.

This is one of the biggest problems most heart-centered entrepreneurs face – we know we can help so many people, how can we turn them away?!?!

But when you attempt to appeal to everyone – you appeal to no-one. Get crystal clear on YOUR perfect-for-you clients and community, then speak directly to them through all your communication.


7. Be Patient.

It took time to master the art of what you DO, right?

And I’ll bet you’re still learning and evolving as you gain more experience.

Same thing goes for learning how to attract, grow, and engage a community. It takes time. This is a whole ‘nother skill set from the one you learned in yoga teacher training. Finding your unique voice, developing your brand, honing your message… it all takes time. Give yourself permission to learn how to become a better mindful marketer!


8. Community Reflects the Leader.

If you want an active, engaged community… it’s up to YOU to start the conversations! The most active communities online are led by leaders who start and participate in the conversation. Jump into conversations on social media. Chat in the comment section of your blog. Be a part of your community.


9. CARE.

You don’t just have 1,000 email subscribers or 1,000 Facebook fans or 1,000 Twitter followers… those are 1,000 people who like what you’re saying enough to raise their hand and let you know they wanna hear more from you.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the ‘numbers’ and ‘list building’ instead of really caring about the person on the receiving end of each communication from you. Don’t just post a blog because it’s Wednesday and that’s the day you post a blog. Do it because you CARE about the people you are serving and know that they are looking to you for support and encouragement.


10. Your Business Isn’t About YOU.

This might burst some bubbles… but your business isn’t about you.

It’s not about raking in the $$$ doing what you love.

This is one thing that absolutely drives me crazy – because without your peeps, you have no business! Thriving as a heart-centered entrepreneur is about finding ways to serve your people. It’s about HELPING others.

As Zig Ziglar said “The best way to get what you want, is to help someone else get what they want!”


11. Be Edu-taining!

Too many entrepreneurs seem to think that sharing content {aka blogs, newsletters, podcasts, etc} for their community means they need to be buttoned-up stiff professionals. Lighten up! Share some stories. Crack a few jokes. Get a little silly. You’ll be more memorable and your peeps will come back for more.


12. Give It All Away… Fo’ Free!

Creating a freebie to build your email list? Don’t hold back. Give ’em the BEST taste of what you have to offer. Put just as much care and attention into it as you would your paid offerings.

Too many entrepreneurs get caught up in scarcity mindset – thinking “if I give too much away for free… what will they pay me for?” – but an abundant mindset knows that when you share your best work, there’s always more where that came from!


13. Look Under the Hood of Your Resistance.

Got a million reasons why you don’t wanna blog/email/connect with your community? Waiting until you feel “inspired” to create new content? Time to take a look at what that resistance really means.

Successful entrepreneurs know that you’ve gotta go PRO if you want to design a business and life you love. You’ve gotta show up and do the work every day. You can have results or excuses… but not both!


14. Systems = Freedom

Who else bought into the belief that systems hinder creativity? That too much structure or routine will make you feel trapped by your business? In fact – the exact opposite is true.

When you create systems that support you, you make it EASIER to show up consistently for your community. And the more consistently you show up and deliver great content, the greater your odds for turning those community members into paying clients.


15. It Ain’t Always About the Money.

Yes, profit is essential for a sustainable business.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve gotta monetize every single idea that comes your way. ROI {return on investment} comes in many forms… attracting new people into your community, building up trust and goodwill, nurturing relationships. Investing in your community isn’t always an immediate payoff… but it does always pay off!


16. Size Doesn’t Matter.

It’s a complete myth that you need 10,000 followers to build a profitable business. Many of our blog tour contributors have super engaged communities of just a few hundred loyal fans AND profitable businesses.


17. The Anti-Dote to Burnout? Self-Care.

Does it seem odd to talk about self-care in terms of marketing and community building? How many times have you wrapped up one launch just to dive right into the next one? Or found yourself feeling like you spend all day on social media + email just to engage with your community?

You can be super engaged with your community AND give yourself permission to take a break. Plan a business savasana. End email overwhelm and only check your emails 1-2x a day.


18. Get Down with O-P-C

Wanna dramatically grow your community? Stop trying so darn hard to do it all yourself and start getting in front of Other People’s Communities.


19. Avoid Couch-Potato Content.

If you start blogging on a weekly basis… within one year, you’ll have 52 blog posts. In 2 years? 104. By year 5? 260!!! That’s a LOT of content that could be chillin’ on your blog, NOT building your community.

Find new ways to share and repurpose that information! Maybe the 5 posts you wrote on one topic would make a great free e-book. Or maybe you could turn your most popular post into a workshop. At the least… you can SHARE those posts on social using something like Tweet Old Post!


20. Share YOUR Story.

Are you getting vulnerable with your community and sharing why you do the work you do? You should!

We all connect with stories over facts and figures. We wanna know more about you – more than your official bio or credentials. Share how you got started in your biz… why it’s so meaningful to you… what your vision is. We all wanna know!


21. Embrace Failure.

Wanna be an entrepreneur? Learn to embrace failure – or as I like to call it – lessons I learned the hard + expensive way!

You will fail… and it’s a good thing! What’s even more important than embracing failure is RESILIENCE. Learning to bounce back quickly. I know so many entrepreneurs who launched a product that didn’t sell… or spent thousands of dollars on expensive branding they didn’t like… or spent too much time on marketing strategy because an ‘expert’ said they should.

Fail fast and move on!


22. Do The Work.

There are no secret shortcuts to a profitable, sustainable business! There are so many hopeful entrepreneurs blinded by the promise of a six-figure business in 6 months or a year that really need to hear this – it can take YEARS of showing up and doing the work day by day, week by week, to build a lasting business.


23. Layer Layer Layer

Focusing on only one marketing strategy to grow your business is like investing your entire life savings all into the same stock. It’s risky!

You’ve gotta diversify your marketing strategies. By layering multiple strategies {like sending a weekly email newsletter + blogging + social media + monthly spreecasts}, you dramatically decrease risk and increase your reach.


24. Develop YOUR Voice.

Ever go to a yoga class where your teacher sounds completely like herself before class… but the moment class starts she seems to become someone else?

That phenomenon happens everywhere, especially in marketing. It’s so easy to pick up the exact language and tone of your teachers… but if you really wanna stand out, you’ve gotta develop your unique voice.


25. Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper.

Stop comparing your worst to someone else’s best! It’s one thing to know who else is serving your peeps – but it’s another to read every single email, blog, and basically stalk them online. It’s much easier to stand out when you DO YOU and don’t worry about keeping up with the ‘competition’.


26. Experience Is Everything!

If you’re not delivering an incredible experience to your peeps, all your marketing strategies will be like putting lipstick on a pig. Marketing will help you to get those peeps in the door – it’s up to YOU to create an incredible experience that keeps them coming back for more {and telling their friends}!


27. Get A Hobby.

Find inspiration for your business in OTHER communities… outside of your niche. I’m always getting amazing insights for my business by reading my favorite home and beauty blogs, connecting with what’s happening in the start-up community, or taking a course on photography.

The Fired Up & Focused Challenge was inspired by the success of yoga + meditation challenges. The ♥ Your Community Blog Tour was inspired by a fashion blog. Both of these online events have been my most successful marketing strategies – and because they were different from what others in my community were doing, were fresh and innovative.


28. Trust Your Intuition.

Being told that you should have free 30 minute phone calls to fill your coaching programs – but it just doesn’t feel right? Or that you should create a 3-part video training series to ‘launch’ your program even though it feels a little too over the top for you?

Trust your intuition! She’s your best business advisor.

I do believe you should at least “try on” what seems to be working – no sense in reinventing the wheel! But at the end of the day, not all marketing strategies are created equal. And if it’s not a fit, don’t hesitate to do things differently.


29. Experiment!

This is probably why I love marketing – it’s so much fun to experiment! There are so many ways you can market your business – don’t get caught feeling like you’ve gotta do what everyone else is doing. Shake things up. Try something different.


30. Just Keep Swimming.

Don’t give up on your dream! If you really want to create the business and life of your dreams… you’ve gotta be willing to show up and keep moving forward.

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