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Narrowing your focus down to ONE super-defined niche seems like bad business advice. You’re limiting how many people you can really reach, right?


yogipreneurtvannaniche.jpgAnna Guest-Jelley knows this better than anyone. Her unique flavor of yoga – Curvy Yoga – has seen an explosion in growth over the past 4 years {allowing her to make the transition from part-time yoga teacher with a blog to a full-time Yogipreneur with a booming business}.

It seems like the easiest way to tap into the power of a niche would be to do some research, find the one with the most demand, and just pick one.

Turns out, there’s a much more heart-centered approach to finding your yoga niche {and having real success}!

Listen in to our conversation and learn::

  • The counter-intuitive approach to discovering your dharma + your yoga niche {that can not only make a huge difference in the world but also create a career you love}
  • Why you’ve gotta stay narrow + focused in your message {instead of losing momentum by changing your message too quickly}
  • The magic that really happens when you allow your niche to evolve and become a deeper, more powerful message.
  • And much more!

The more you you are, the more your teaching resonates with your right-fit students! – Anna Guest-Jelly {click to tweet!}

Check out Anna Guest-Jelley + Curvy Yoga HERE!


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