Have you ever wondered how some entrepreneurs turned their on-the-side hobby into a full-time business?

If so, you’ll want to tune into this episode of Yogipreneur TV with my dear friend and client, Anna Guest-Jelley.

A couple of years ago, Anna was sharing her journey of yoga and body acceptance on her blog Curvy Yoga — and what started as an outlet for her own transformation quickly turned into a growing business.

The exciting part? Anna did it all on HER terms. Instead of going the traditional yoga teaching route, Anna has successfully turned her blog into a thriving community and teaches others how to serve Curvy Yogis.

Listen and learn to our interview {recorded as part of the 2012 Yogipreneur TV Series} and discover:

  • How she made the transition from BLOG to BUSINESS {and figured out EXACTLY what offering would turn readers into paying clients}
  • Where faith + logistics meet — the point when Anna knew she could take the plunge, leave her full-time job, and maintain her lifestyle
  • How she created her first virtual offering without dealing with any of the ‘techy’ stuff {this one is super brilliant if you have an offering you want to get out into the world}!

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I’m curious — have you taken the plunge from on-the-side hobby to full-time biz?

Leave a comment below + share your story — including your biggest insights!

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