Seated-Yoga-Head-Shot-striped-top-bestIt’s 2013.

You KNOW that having an online presence is pretty much essential to getting the word out about your biz.

But just the thought of all that an online presence could entail – websites, social media, blogs, email newsletters, video – it has you completely overwhelmed.

Where do you begin?

And is it really that important if you’re just trying to build a local following to fill your classes + workshops?

My friend Cailen Ascher says YES!

After completing her yoga teacher training, Cailen applied what she knew from working with mainstream businesses to build their online presence via social media + blogging to her yoga career… and grew her yoga biz quickly in just 9 months.

Then Cailen noticed that many of her fellow local yoga teachers were struggling to fill classes, book workshops, and really turn their passion for yoga into a career that pays the bills!

So she brought together her passion for yoga + online skills to help more yoga teachers start building their following. Listen in to this interview and learn::

  • Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Email… what should you start with {that will give you the biggest bang for your buck + quickly build your community}
  • How to partner with your local yoga studios {and position yourself to score the best classes + workshops}!
  • Cailen’s 80/20 rule for valuable content vs. promoting your stuff {essential if you don’t wanna feel gross about marketing!}


Learn more about Cailen + 2 Hours to Yoga Biz!

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