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If you’ve decided to make a living teaching yoga, you’ve probably realized that there is a limit to how many classes you can reasonably teach per week before you completely burn out from driving all over your city.

Teaching private yoga seems like a great option… but how do you actually get private clients? How do you teach private clients? Are there really people who will pay such a high rate to work with you one-on-one?

francescablog.jpgThat’s where Francesca Cervero comes in.

Francesca has grown a private yoga business teaching upwards of 25 private clients a week in NYC… and when other yoga teachers started asking her how she did it, she realized there was a HUGE difference between teaching group classes {like you’re taught in teacher training} and teaching a meaningful private lesson.

In fact, there are so many differences, she created an entire teacher training just on the Science of the Private Lesson.

These subtle differences can create a HUGE impact on not only your students, but on your yoga business success!

Listen in to our conversation and learn::

  • Why teaching privates can feel so vulnerable… and how to overcome the initial awkwardness with a new student
  • The secret to building more meaningful relationships with your clients {*hint* this is crucial for creating long-term clients!}
  • How you can start teaching privates and building your private teaching experience even if you’re still in teacher training
  • And much more!

Check out Francesca Cervero Yoga + Wellness to grab her 3 part video training for yoga teachers HERE!

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