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You finished your training… and now it’s on to finding places to actually teach.

The most obvious next step? Start dropping off resumes at studios around town, right?

Only problem is, we’re in a flooded job-market {yep – this effects yoga teachers too} with more people looking for jobs than ever before. More and more yoga teachers are graduating teacher training every single year. And while yoga is becoming more mainstream and new students are coming in every day, there is simply not the demand** yet to keep up with the steady supply of teachers.

If all you do is drop off a resume and hope to hear back about teaching opportunities – there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting for awhile {along with the other dozen resumes the studio gets every month}.

So how can you stand out?

Understanding what studio owners are REALLY looking for is essential.

Pleasance Silicki, owner of lil omm yoga studio, is opening up about how she’s created a very unique yoga community where teachers are an essential part of the studio’s success {in fact, she considers them the core of her community}!

As a result of her approach to partnering with her yoga teachers, lil omm has blossomed – even during a touch economic time that left many yoga studios struggling to keep the doors open!

Listen in to our conversation and learn::

  • Why it’s more important to look for a yoga studio you LOVE than paper the town with resumes
  • How to partner with yoga studios to create thriving classes {and an amazing community}
  • And much more!

Check out lil omm yoga studio HERE!


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